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Chapter 1385: Gladly Die For You

“Oh, okay! Its done!” Jiang Yaos excitement was half fake and half real.

“Will I see Brother Changshu when I get back”

“Of course not.

Brother Changshu has gone to do something big.” Ah Zhu patted Gu Junhuis head like a big brother.

“Youve only been separated for a few days, and you miss your Brother Changshu so much

“Of course, I miss him! Even if were only separated for a second, Ill miss him very much!” Jiang Yao giggled and followed Ah Zhu out the door.

When they reached the door, she looked as if she had just remembered that she still had to say goodbye.

She then walked back to the dining table and said, “Sister Wen, Yun Fang, Ill go back to Shu City first! Thank you for taking care of me these past few days! ”

After saying that, Jiang Yao ran out and into Ah Zhus car.

Ah Zhu had a crippled leg, so another driver drove him.

Ah Zhu was sitting in the front passenger seat.

After seeing Gu Junhui get into the car, he said with a smile, “Sister, youre really a silly girl.

How are those two people worthy of you going back to say thank you to them They have ill intentions.”

“Brother Ah Zhu, that is what I should do because they havent made things difficult for me in the past few days.” Her dark eyes were watery, and her eyes were as clear as a mountain spring.

Her innocent smile always made people want to protect her.

“Brother Changshu told me about the situation yesterday, so thank you for coming to pick me up today.”

“You called me brother, so I would gladly die for you, let alone pick you up.

Its such a small matter.” Ah Zhu joked, then sat there and laughed.

Jiang Yao said clumsily, “I dont want you to die for me, Brother Ah Zhu! Everyone has to live well!”

With Ah Zhu around, there was no need to worry about the atmosphere being awkward when no one spoke.

Ah Zhu always had countless jokes that made everyone laugh, and even the driver would chat with the two of them along the way.

Ah Zhu did not arrange for Jiang Yao to return to the mansion.

Instead, he asked her to stay in a hotel.

It was not the most upscale hotel in Shu City, but it was clean.

It was located in the center of Shu City.

“Sister, you can stay here for the time being.

Dont worry, that is Brother Dings property.

However, my people are also here.

If you have nothing to do, dont go out.

I can guarantee your safety.

If you need anything, you can ask the waiter or the front desk to help you.

If you want to buy anything, you can ask them to help you buy it and send it to your room.

Your Brother Changshu might have a lot of things to do in these few days.

If he is free, he will come here to look for you.

If he is not free, you can wait for her.”

After Jiang Yao entered the room, she saw Ah Zhu limping around the room, checking everything, including whether there were any cups or kettles in the room.

As she checked in with him, she kept reminding him of something that sounded very heartwarming.

To be honest, ever since Jiang Yao had met Ah Zhu in Shu City, he had always taken good care of her.

Sometimes, he was like an older brother taking care of a younger sister.

He took care of her, and it was the kind of care without any ill intention.

Jiang Yao looked at Ah Zhus posture and sighed in her heart.

If Ah Zhu had not gone down the wrong path, he would have been a very good person.

“Brother Ah Zhu, why dont you sit down for a while If you are not in a hurry to leave, I can boil some water for you to get warm.” Jiang Yao deliberately let Ah Zhu sit down and rest.

After all, his legs were troubling him, but he went to pick her up early in the morning anyway.

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