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Chapter 1376: Seeds Of Doubt

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Jiang Yao stood in the courtyard, basking in the sun as she listened to the servant complaining to Brother Ding.

The sun shone on her face, and even her smile was soaked in the sun.

After listening to Brother Dings instructions to the servant, Jiang Yao knew that Brother Ding must have become suspicious.

He might even find someone to investigate Sister Wens whereabouts in the past few days.

The servant told Brother Ding that Wen Yunfang had drugged her with sleeping pills to prevent the servant from spying on her and Sister Wen.

When Brother Ding heard about that, it was a huge blow.

Brother Ding must have thought that the mother and daughter were trying to do something behind his back.

That was why they had drugged the servant so that she would sleep like a pig every day.

Not long after that, Jiang Yaos phone rang.

She was not surprised at all.

She took her phone and went to the corner to answer the call.

The call was from Brother Ding.

He pretended to care about Jiang Yao and asked her how she was doing in Xiang City.

Then he asked her how she had been getting along with Wen Yunfang.

Did Wen Yunfang go out to meet anyone Did she hear Wen Yunfang mention Sister Wens whereabouts

“I heard from Yunfang that Sister Wen went to look for the child.” Jiang Yaos voice was soft and gentle.

It was easy to let down ones guard with such a voice.

“Yunfang has been recuperating at home.

She hasnt left the house, and no one has come.”

“Thats it” Brother Ding was puzzled.

He thought that Wen Yunfang had given the servant sleeping pills to leave the house secretly.

“Yes, she has been staying at home all this time.

But its strange.

She seems to have a lot of phone calls.

I can often hear her talking on the phone with someone.

But sometimes, when she sees me, she will immediately hang up the phone.

She would seem a little nervous.

Is she dating someone Is she afraid that Ill feel embarrassed if I find out I was the same when I was dating Brother Changshu in the beginning,” Jiang Yao said.

Jiang Yao smiled shyly, perhaps with hopes that Brother Ding would hear that.

When Brother Ding hung up the phone, her smile quickly faded.

No one trusted each other, anyway.

Since the seed of suspicion had been planted in one of them, what happened after that would follow naturally.

Jiang Yao thought that her goal of sowing discord between Brother Ding and Sister Wen should be accomplished soon.

After ending the call with Brother Ding, Jiang Yao sent a message to Ouyang, asking him to buy her a train ticket to Tingzhou City in two days.

Then, during lunch, Ouyang drove to the residence to look for Jiang Yao.

Everyone was preparing to eat, and Wen Yunfang was sitting at the dining table.

As soon as she heard that Mr.

Ouyang was looking for Gu Junhui, she immediately pushed Gu Junhui outside.

She told Gu Junhui to eat and chat with her friend.

Jiang Yao looked as if she had been pushed out of the door and repeatedly turned her head to look at Wen Yunfang with resentment.

She only put her bitter face away after she got into Ouyangs car.

After Ouyang drove away, he finally laughed.

“Lady Lu, that expression of yours just now is a reflection of your heart, right”

“If you think it is, then it is.” Jiang Yao smiled and stretched her hand toward Ouyang.

“Wheres the train ticket that I asked you to buy”

Ouyang took the train ticket from his pocket and handed it to Jiang Yao.

“What for”

Jiang Yao said, “For the servant.

Brother Jing lives in Tingzhou City.

Show that train ticket to the servant.

Let the servant think that Wen Yunfang is preparing to go to Tingzhou city.

If Brother Ding knows about that, what he thinks will be his business.”

Ouyang frowned.

“What if Brother Ding goes to question Wen Yunfang Arent you afraid of being exposed”

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