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Chapter 1375: Sleeping Pills

The servants mouth twitched stiffly.

She had set an alarm clock to wake herself up that day, so her body was still in a state of exhaustion, but she was holding on.

“Yes, Im awake.

I dont know why, but after coming to Xiang City, I became very sleepy.

Maybe its because Im not acclimated to this place yet.” The servant found an excuse for herself.

“If Im not acclimated to a place, Ill experience diarrhea and so on.

But Ive never heard of people being lethargic because of that.

I thought you were pregnant or something.

I heard that pregnant women get lethargic when they are pregnant.” Jiang Yao teased her with a light laugh.

“Miss Gu, you are so funny.

Im already so old; how would I get a child” The servant was not ready to say anything more to Gu Junhui but was prepared to find Wen Yunfang.

Unexpectedly, Gu Junhui, who was behind her, muttered softly, “If youre not pregnant, then you must have taken sleeping pills, right In the past, when my aunt had insomnia, she would take sleeping pills.

After taking one, she would be able to sleep peacefully for an entire night.”

Gu Junhui had reached downstairs when she said that.

When the servant heard the end of that sentence, her voice was so low that it was almost inaudible.

However, that sentence made the servants body tremble.

She could hardly hide the shock in her eyes.

The servant clenched her fists.

She looked as if she had suddenly realized something!

That was right! She was wondering why she fell asleep every day when she arrived in Xiang City.

Sometimes, she would fall asleep halfway through her work.

When she thought about it, Wen Yunfang and Sister Wen must have drugged her with sleeping pills! They were afraid that she would keep an eye on them, so they deliberately let her sleep every night in a daze so that she could not do anything.

Without her surveillance, the mother and daughter could do whatever they wanted without Brother Dings knowledge, right

She wondered why she had not seen Sister Wen for so many days.

It was probably because she did not know where she had gone.

The servant thought of that and walked quickly.

She knocked on Wen Yunfangs door and walked into the room.

She asked, “Miss Wen, may I ask when Sister Wen will be back It seems like I havent seen Sister Wen for many days.

“Why Why does my mother need to explain to a servant like you” Wen Yunfang was already in a bad mood because of what Gu Junhui had said.

Then, the servant had come up to her; it was apparent that she did not have a good attitude.

After saying that, she remembered her mothers instructions and explained, “Didnt Brother Ding ask us to find that boy My mother went to find him herself.

The servant said tentatively, “I see.

She has been gone for a few days, right Sister Wen should be back by now, right Should I prepare some dishes that Sister Wen likes”


Wen Yunfang was amused and replied sarcastically, “Youd better go back to sleep.

I dont dare trouble you with such a small matter.”

Wen Yunfangs sarcasm was an explanation to the servant.

Sure enough, Wen Yunfang must have given her sleeping pills to let her sleep every night so that she would not touch anything in the kitchen.

After the servant came out of Wen Yunfangs room, the first thing she did was go back to her room, take out her cell phone, and call Brother Ding.

She told him about how Sister Wen had disappeared for days and how she suspected that Wen Yunfang had given her sleeping pills because she had not stayed awake since she arrived in Xiang City.

She slept 24 hours a day, and sometimes she could sleep fifteen or sixteen hours a day.

When she woke up, she was still in a daze and could not do anything.

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