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Ouyang doesnt like me.

Hes just a friend!” Jiang Yao corrected her with a serious face.

“Brother Changshu is very good.”

“Whats good about him Only a silly girl like you would think Gu Changshu is good.

He just got out of prison and has no one by his side.

Of course, he wants you to wash his clothes and cook for him.

Youre just free labor.

And a free bed warmer.

When hes successful and rich, lets see if he still likes you then.” Gu Junhui lectured Wen Yunfang with a thoughtful expression.

“I know a lot more about men than you do.

You havent seen your Brother Changshu much lately.

Did he say he missed you Did he call you several times a day ”

Jiang Yao laughed in her heart.

Gu Changshu was not good If he was not good, why would Wen Yunfang be so obsessed with him Why did Wang Gu Junhui break up with Gu Changshu and take the man for herself

Seeing that Wen Yunfang was about to repeat something, Jiang Yao spoke before Wen Yunfang did.

“And Im not Brother Changshus free servant! At home, he cooks for me.

He does all the housework for me.

He doesnt want me to be tired.

Even if I want to wash a piece of his clothes, his heart aches for me.

He didnt want me to catch a cold! Brother Changshu is a dull person, but hes a good man.

My aunt also said so.

My mother also said he is a trustworthy person!”

Even if Lu Xingzhi were acting as Gu Changshu, Jiang Yao would not allow Wen Yunfang to say bad things about him.

She would not believe it even if it was fake.

After all, Lu Xingzhi was good wherever he was!

She was not used to hearing bad things about her man!

Wen Yunfangs mouth twitched.

She almost could not suppress her temper and tell the woman in front of her to get lost.

If not for the determined expression on her face, Wen Yunfang would have suspected that Gu Junhui was showing off in front of her.

Even Sister Wen had never met a man in her life who would wash clothes and cook for her.

After a long while, Wen Yunfang snorted enviously.

“Whats so good about a man who has been in prison”

“It was not Brother Changshus fault that he was in prison.

It was his stepfathers fault.

Brother Changshu is a victim.

Hes also very pitiful.

Anyway, Brother Changshu is the best man in the world! If you continue to say that Brother Changshu is not good, I will ignore you,” Jiang Yao said.

Wen Yunfang could finally see that the woman was really stupid.

“Enough, I dont want you to accompany me! Youre not happy just because Im telling you the truth! If Mr.

Ouyang wants to ask you out, just go ahead.

Didnt you say that he wants to be your friend You only have one or two friends.

If you keep rejecting him, youll lose him as a friend.” Wen Yunfang laughed coldly and pulled up the blanket to cover her head.

“Oh,” Jiang Yao replied.

She stood up from the chair and was about to leave.

When her feet touched the floor, she deliberately made a sound so that the eavesdroppers outside the door would leave.

As soon as she opened the door, she was not surprised to see a figure who seemed to have just walked over.

“Miss Gu, has Miss Wen woken up from her nap”

Jiang Yao smiled at the servant, who was unable to hide her sleepiness.

“Shes awake.

Neither of us had a nap.

You woke up so early today.

Jiang Yao smiled.

It seemed that she would have to increase the dosage tomorrow..

The servant would probably develop antibodies to that sleeping drug, so her sleeping time had decreased.

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