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Chapter 1371: Having A Family

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Ouyangs hands were still touching the gun frequently.

“There are more important things to consider.”

Ouyang nodded and smiled.

“But it is also true that I would like to take you for a ride, but you dont seem to enjoy going for a ride with me alone.”

“Speak up if you have something to say.” Jiang Yao drew her eyelids upward.

“I have a family!”

Ouyangs face was frozen.

His smile froze for a few moments before he opened his mouth to ask, “Is that so” He made it clear that he did not believe her.

Furthermore, he abruptly said, “You look very young.

I am guessing your age is around 20 years old.”

“In our country, the legal marriage age for women is 18 years old.”

Jiang Yao smiled as she bared her teeth.

“My husband has excellent taste.

From the start, he had his gaze fixed on me.

He married me when I reached adulthood.”

That was a shameless sentence.

She praised herself as well as Lu Xingzhi.

Even though Ouyang did not say anything, Jiang Yao could tell that he wanted to speak to her.

“Lets get down to business.” Ouyang arched his brow.

He was not in a hurry to probe further after realizing Lady Lu would not get close to him, so he started talking about business.

“Captain Hao wants you to do everything you can to cause strife between Sister Wen, Wen Yunfang, and Brother Ding.

He wants to capture Brother Ding so we can get more information from him.” When it came down to serious matters, Ouyangs expression changed dramatically.

According to Captain Hao, Brother Jing would also use Wen Yunfang and her mother to attack Brother Ding.

“We can use this opportunity to apprehend Brother Ding.

Now is not the time for either party to have faith in the other.

We will not arouse their suspicion if we attack now.”

“Do you intend to apprehend Brother Ding and then blame Wen Yunfang and her mother for his capture Brother Ding knows a lot of things.

If he is apprehended, Brother Jing and the others will be on high alert.

Arent we putting our enemies on alert” Jiang Yao asked.

She was concerned that if the enemy were informed, she would be in danger.

Ouyang explained quickly.

“On the surface, capturing Brother Ding appears to be a covert operation.

It would look like he was killed.

Brother Jing and Wen Yunfang have not spoken in a long time.

Brother Jing will only suspect it was Wen Yunfang who murdered Brother Ding.

Wen Yunfang and Wen Yunfang will presume that Brother Jing had murdered Brother Ding.

Once Brother Ding is dead, everyone will be too preoccupied with dividing Brother Dings assets to look into who killed him.”

Brother Ding possessed a large number of assets as well as many subordinates.

When Brother Ding died, the people of Shu City would undoubtedly be in disarray for a while.

As a result, Captain Hao was correct.

No one would have been in the mood to confirm who had killed Brother Ding; he was not their father or son, after all.

After learning of Brother Dings death, many people would applaud in admiration.

They felt as if they had squandered a golden opportunity.

Jiang Yao agreed.

“I understand.”

“According to Captain Hao, Brother Ding had also arranged for a servant to keep an eye on Wen Yunfang.

That servant is not just a servant; she is one of Brother Dings subordinates.

You must exercise caution around that person.

When sowing discord between Brother Ding and the Wen family, you must also consider how that person will inform Brother Ding.

Finally, dont let Brother Ding suspect you.”

“Of course, I have a way!”

“I cant say anything else to make Brother Ding suspect that Wen Yunfang and her mother are plotting to betray him!” Jiang Yao said confidently.

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