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Chapter 1370: A Date With Ouyang

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Therefore, Wen Yunfang was angry when she heard that Mr.

Ouyang had gone out with Gu Junhui.

If it had been any other man who had gone there to ask Gu Junhui out, Wen Yunfang would not have been so jealous.

However, it was Mr.

Ouyang who, according to the rumors of outsiders, was a good character.

Wen Yunfang did not doubt that he would marry Gu Junhui after Gu Junhui and Gu Changshu separated!

She heard that Mr.

Ouyang did not have any elders in his family; it was entirely up to him to find a wife.

Jiang Yao did not know that Wen Yunfangs heart was boiling with jealousy.

As Gu Junhui, she knew that she should reject him, so she shook her head.

“Its better not to go.

Im not familiar with Mr.


If I were to be alone with a man, people would gossip.

If Brother Changshu knew about it, he would be unhappy.”

Wen Yunfang laughed out of anger when she heard that.

“Gu Junhui, are you stupid What era is this Is it still important for men and women not to be intimate Are you still living in the past You come from the countryside, so you are quite narrow-minded.

Go to the city and take a look.

Isnt it typical for men and women to walk together Whats there to be unhappy about even if Gu Changshu finds out If you have one more friend in Xiang City and get to know one more person, it will be good for you in the future.

He will be more than happy.”

Seeing Gu Junhuis stubborn look, Wen Yunfang continued to say, “If you get to know Mr.

Ouyang, you might be able to get him to help Gu Changshu too! Mr.

Ouyang is the boss of a big company.

When you get to know Mr.

Ouyang, you can do anything and earn more money in the future.”

After Wen Yunfang finished speaking, her eyes lit up when she saw Gu Junhui.

She asked, “Is it true” She cursed Gu Junhui in her heart for being stupid.

Then, she nodded with a smile on her face.

Wen Yunfang sneered in her heart.

If she were Gu Junhui, she would not care whether Gu Changshu would still look for her.

Gu Changshu was good, but he could not be compared to Mr.


Gu Junhui hesitated before going downstairs; she did not even think about going back to her room to change into a better set of clothes.

Wen Yunfang muttered in her heart,Does a man like Mr.

Ouyang like a woman like Gu Junhui who is so stupid that she has nowhere else to go

Did every man in the world like a woman with no brains like Gu Junhui She looked pitiful and adorable, but in fact, she was just putting on a show.

After Jiang Yao finished her performance in front of Wen Yunfang, she happily got into Ouyangs car.

She did not care what Wen Yunfang thought of her.

Ouyang waited until he drove the car far away before he looked in the rearview mirror.

His alert eyes scanned the surroundings, then he said, “Ive already sent the message you gave to Captain Hao.

He said that there should be news soon.

We must find Ding Xiaomeis brother before Sister Wens people do.”

“You called me out to say more than that, right” Jiang Yao looked at Mr.

Ouyang; then, her gaze fell on his palm controlling the steering wheel.

Ouyangs fingers were stunning, like the hands of a pianist.

However, upon closer inspection, one would discover that there were calluses on his palm.

Recalling the way Ouyang had looked around, Jiang Yao could guess Ouyangs identity.

Ouyang should be a veteran or police officer from a good background.

Captain Hao stated that he had studied at the military academy before transferring abroad to study economic management, which could also be verified..

Perhaps, it was mostly nonsense.

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