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Chapter 1369: A Good Life

“Find him! We must find him as soon as possible! After we find him, well hold him in our hands!” Sister Wens eyes hardened.

“People like Brother Ding are ruthless toward others.

We must keep him with us.

Otherwise, we wont even have a chance to live!”

Jiang Yao listened to the mother and daughter as they spoke, then remembered the names of the people and places they mentioned.

She sent the info to Ouyang.

After Ouyangs confirmation that he had received the message, she deleted all the messages.

Sister Wen left in a hurry without having any dinner.

Jiang Yao asked Moe to follow her.

When it was past seven oclock, Ouyang suddenly drove to the house.

When the servant went to announce his arrival, Jiang Yao was chatting with Wen Yunfang cordially.

Wen Yunfang wanted to learn news about Brother Ding from Gu Junhui, so she also talked to Gu Junhui patiently.

When she heard that Mr.

Ouyang was there for Gu Junhui, she was surprised.

“You know Mr.


Wen Yunfang looked at Gu Junhui.

“I dont think so.

I met him when you took me to the cocktail party last time.

We talked a little.” Jiang Yao scratched her head as if she had no impression of that person.

“Many people came to talk to me that day.

I dont remember which one is Mr.


Wen Yunfang looked at Gu Junhui and felt a wave of jealousy in her heart.

After a few seconds, she said coldly, “Youre really lucky.”

Even though she had an evil grandmother and uncle, she also had an aunt who treated her as her own child and a mother who doted on her even though they had not seen each other for many years.

That was not all.

She also had a good man like Gu Changshu.

Not only was he good-looking, but he also doted on his wife and did not indulge in other women.

Although he was poor, he could still improve his life.

Even Brother Ding praised him for being helpful.

Sooner or later, he would have a bright future.

She did not care about all that.

She wanted to find a man for Gu Junhui, but she did not expect Gu Junhui to meet someone like Mr.

Ouyang, who was also a gem.

Wen Yunfang knew that Mr.

Ouyang did not like women like her.

Therefore, although Wen Yunfang thought that Mr.

Ouyang was good, she did not act on him.

She knew that he did not like her.


Ouyang is young and promising.

He is a good person.

He asked you to go out for a walk.

Since you are bored, why dont you go You can learn a lot of knowledge and broaden your horizons with him.

This is an opportunity that others cant get even if they ask for it,” Wen Yunfang tried to persuade her.

In fact, she was angry and aggrieved.


Ouyang was different from Gu Changshu.

It was not difficult for Wen Yunfang to take Gu Changshu for herself.

Wen Yunfang was confident that as long as Gu Changshu and Gu Junhui were separated, Gu Changshu would still work for Brother Ding, and Gu Changshu would definitely accept her.

However, Mr.

Ouyang was not a man she could control.

Wen Yunfang also knew that Mr.

Ouyang looked down on women like her.

If Wen Yunfang had to describe Mr.

Ouyang, he was like a bird flying in the sky, and a person like Wen Yunfang was like a loach in the mud.


Ouyang was beyond her reach.

Furthermore, Wen Yunfang heard that Mr.

Ouyang was very clean, and there had never been a woman around him.

Therefore, Wen Yunfang knew that he had high expectations for his woman.

For a woman like her, who had no lack of men around her, Mr.

Ouyang would not like her at all.

He might even think that she was dirty.

The existence of a person like Mr.

Ouyang made Wen Yunfang feel inferior.

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