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Chapter 136: Do You Want A Car

“I heard Chen Xuyao saying that you will be moving out of the Zhou family home” Even Lu Xingzhi knew about the things which were happening in the Zhou family.

Zhou Weiqis identity was awkward among the Zhou family.

Among all the family members, none of them were easy to deal with.

It might be a good thing for Zhou Weiqi to move out of the Zhou family home and live alone.

After some thought, Lu Xingzhi said, “If I fail to make my wife sayI miss you, my house in Golden Harbor, Jindo City, will belong to you.”

Chen Xuyao was shocked and turned to look at Lu Xingzhi.

Although Lu Xingzhi was proposing the idea, Chen Xuyao could guess that Lu Xingzhi had already planned to give his house in Golden Harbor to Zhou Weiqi.

He shifted his glance towards Zhao Weiqi.

who eagerly wanted to give it a go.

Chen Xuyao chuckled helplessly.

He supposed that Lu Xingzhi was supporting the idea of Weiqi moving out of the Zhou family home.

Therefore, he had given him a house straight away so he would have a place to stay after leaving his family.

Golden Harbor was located in the center of the city and it was not too far from Zhou Weiqis workplace.

Therefore, he made a clear stance.

“Xingzhi, quick! Give your wife a call now!” Zhou Weiqi felt on top of the world.

He was going to say that if Jiang Yao said it, he would give Lu Xingzhi his car.

Even if he lost his car, the old man at home would not do anything to him if he played the victim.

If Jiang Yao did not say it, he was going to get a house from Lu Xingzhi to stay for the time being and the house in Golden Harbor was the one he had been laying his eyes on.

Initially, Zhou Weiqi had only wanted to stay in his house temporarily.

However, he did not expect Lu Xingzhi to be that generous to directly give him the house.

As for Lu Xingzhi, the truth was that Lu Xingzhi had been planning that ever since he heard the news from Chen Xuyao.

The reason why Lu Xingzhi brought that up was to have an excuse to give Jiang Yao a call.

Previously, he used to call home frequently, but Jiang Yao never liked to pick up.

Lu Xingzhi knew that Jiang Yao found him annoying.

He did give Jiang Yao a call the previous night.

Therefore, although he wanted to hear her voice, he restrained himself not to call her because he was afraid that she would find him annoying.

However, Zhou Weiqis proposal was the best excuse that he could use to give her a call and hear her voice.

With that excuse, Lu Xingzhi no longer hesitated and dialed Jiang Yaos number right away.

Jiang Yao had just come out of the bathroom when Lu Xingzhi called.

Everyone at the dorm knew that she was a married woman and had a husband.

Therefore, Jiang Yao did not hide from anyone to pick up Lu Xingzhis call.

She picked up the phone and answered it while drying her hair on the bed.

“Are you busy”

Upon hearing Lu Xingzhis question, Jiang Yao could not help but let out a laugh.

“Its only the first day of school, how can I be busy I was bathing, so I couldnt pick up your call immediately.”

Her laugh radiated through the phone.

That laugh comforted Lu Xingzhi, who was miles away, when it reached him.

When he was on the phone with her, her voice could tame him and the shadows of him being the chilly Hades Lu was nowhere to be found.

“Do you want a car” There was not a tinge of impatience in her speech.

That was why he had started off casually and did not rush to explain the reason he was calling.

If he were to tell her about his true reason, wasnt it obvious that he missed her

“I dont even know how to drive one.” Jiang Yao answered softly.

She thought to herself,Is he going to buy me a car after giving me a phone

Therefore, she quickly replied, “I dont want one!”

“Weiqi said that if you said you missed me, he would give me his car and I would own a car.

Therefore, the car will be yours.” Lu Xingzhi gave Zhou Weiqi who was scratching his cheek a look, signaling him to not follow along.

Then, he entered the bedroom.

“After you get the car, you can choose to get a drivers license, sell it, give it to someone else, or even break it.

As long as youre happy.”

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