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Chapter 1360: Sell Her

“Xiao Mei…” Brother Ding was almost 50 years old.

Before he left his hometown, he had enjoyed the pleasure of having his children with him.

His wife was kind, hardworking, and capable.

He had children who were filial and obedient.

However, that seemed like a distant life.

At that time, Brother Ding felt that he was living on a shoestring.

However, he seemed to be living very well every day.

He did not have any grand aspirations for life.

He only hoped that his children would grow up quickly and study well.

He hoped that they would get to attend classes at university.

Later, he left home.

His days became more luxurious, but he also lost his home because of it.

He wondered if he would regret it one day, but he also felt he would not regret it.

Everyone yearned for a higher life, a life of luxury.

He was not wrong.

However, he had to admit that over the years, he still dreamed of his home time and time again—his wife, his parents, and his children.

Brother Ding had never seen his youngest son.

He remembered that his third daughter resembled him the most.

When he was at home, he loved that daughter even more than his eldest son.

His wife and parents laughed at him.

They loved the child who resembled him the most.

Brother Ding loved Ding Xiaomei.

Therefore, when he heard his daughters words, an indescribable pain surged in Brother Dings heart.

When he thought about his daughters suffering and his young son who was nowhere to be found, Brother Ding hit Wen Yunfang even harder.

He even slapped Sister Wen.

He knew that Sister Wen knew what Wen Yufang had done, so those things could only be done by those two.

Sister Wen also did not expect the whip to fall on her body, so she cried in pain.

She yelled at Ding Xiaomei.

“Ding Xiaomei, what do you want !”

Did she want Brother Ding to beat the mother and daughter to death

Otherwise, why would she act like she was about to die when Brother Ding stopped

“What do I want” Ding Xiaomei looked at the mother and daughter on the ground darkly.

“I want to sell Wen Yunfang the same way she sold my brother and me!”

Sister Wen stood up from the floor.

“I wont allow it! I wont allow it! Brother Ding, you cant treat Yunfang like that.

I only have one daughter.

She has helped you for so many years.

Even if she hasnt contributed much, she has worked hard.

Brother Ding, I beg you, dont treat Yunfang like that.”

Brother Ding did not expect Ding Xiaomei to make such a request, so he was in a difficult position.

He could vent his anger on Wen Yunfang, but he could not sell her.

It was not only because Sister Wen had been with him for more than ten years, but also because Wen Yunfang and Sister Wen still had a lot of things to do for him.

At least at that juncture, he could not do it.

Ding Xiaomei sneered, “You cant bear to part with her I did not expect you to be willing to part with her.

After all, she is your daughter whom you have doted for more than ten years, isnt she A daughter who acts coquettishly in front of you all the time must be better than a child who you have abandoned in the countryside for more than ten years.”

Ding Xiaomeis smile did not have the slightest bit of warmth.

It only remained at the corner of her lips and could not go any deeper.

Ding Xiaomei said, “Its fine if you dont want to sell her.

Then, tell them to get lost! If you acknowledge me as your daughter, then chase them out! If you dont want to acknowledge me as your daughter, then stay with them! I have nowhere to go.

I can only stay here with you.

But I hate them.

I dont want to see them!”

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