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Chapter 1357: Things Are About To Change

She really did not know how to coax him, especially when Ah Zhu was by her side.

Lu Xingzhi only had one trick that could make Jiang Yao immediately stop her sentimental emotions, but with Ah Zhu here, it was not suitable.

Jiang Yao was originally a little grouchy, but her tears turned into a smile because of Lu Xingzhis words.

“Looking forward to the day you coax me Maybe not until our child is older!”

Lu Xingzhi nodded in agreement.

He thought for a moment and said, “Then let our child coax you when he grows up.”

Jiang Yao glanced at Lu Xingzhi.

Since Ah Zhu was still there, she did not say anything else.

The three of them did not go back to the house immediately.

Ah Zhu looked around to make sure there was no one around before he started to discuss Ding Xiaomei with the two of them.

Ah Zhu sneered, “It seems like the situation in the house is about to change.

Brother Dings daughter came looking for him, but she has an irreconcilable feud with Wen Yunfang.

In the future, there might be one more person who will do his bidding in that house.

Even Sister Wen has to stay at the back.

But to be honest, Brother Dings daughter is too pitiful.

And her brother is also pitiful.

If I were Brother Ding, I would kill the person who ruined my son and daughter.”

“Wen Yunfang sold that person.

As long as she is willing to tell us, we should be able to find him, right” Jiang Yao asked.

Ah Zhu shook his head, “Thats hard to say.

The boy was already seven or eight years old when he was sold.

He remembers everything.

Its not easy to sell a boy at that age.

Not many people would like him.

If he were bought, he would be fine if he were obedient, but if he were not, they would probably beat him up and not feed him.”

Jiang Yao said, “He will be obedient when hes afraid of being beaten up.

He shouldnt be in pain if hes obedient, right In any case, its good if we can find him.”

Ah Zhu shook his head.

“Sister, youre too naive.

Not many people are so lucky to meet a good buyer.

Its already good enough that they can feed and clothe themselves, but they might still get hurt.

Furthermore, the boy was sold.

The buyer might think that he was disobedient and did not want to keep him anymore.

He might be sold to another buyer again.

If he were sold again, it would be even more difficult to find him.

In short, just keep an eye out.

No matter if the boy can be found or not, Wen Yunfangs position in the house will change.”

There were many people who acted according to the wind.

When Jiang Yao entered the house, she heard those people address Wen Yunfang as Young Miss, but she already felt the change when she became Miss Wen.

No one was stupid.

They also knew that there was no comparison between a biological daughter and a foster daughter.

The foster daughter even made a mistake.

Ah Zhu giggled.

“I bet that Brother Dings daughter will take revenge on Wen Yunfang that time.

But it has nothing to do with us.

The three of us just have to keep a distance from them.

The fire wont burn us.

After saying that, Ah Zhu happily hummed a song and left.

As Brother Jings spy, Ah Zhu was happy that something had happened to Brother Dings family.

He must have gone out to inform Brother Jing, who was already in Shu City.

Lu Xingzhi thought for a while and pulled Jiang Yao back to their room.

Then, he went to the kitchen to cook some food and brought it upstairs to their room.

“Come and eat something.

You must not have eaten enough in the last few days in Xiang City, right” Lu Xingzhi placed the food on the table and called out to Jiang Yao.

“How are the arrangements in Xiang City Have the new personnel been arranged”

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