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Chapter 1354: A Heavy Responsibility

Jiang Yao nodded.

“I got it.

Dont worry, Captain Hao.

I know what to do.”

“Youve worked hard.

Keep up the good work! So many children are homeless, and so many families have lost their loved ones.

Its all up to you.

Pay attention to your safety.

Nothing is more important than your own safety.” Captain Hao patted Jiang Yaos shoulder.

That was a form of trust and encouragement.

“By the way, what did you say on the phone Did you bring it here” Captain Hao asked.

“The ledger, I brought it with me.” Then, she handed it to Captain Hao and asked, “That Mr.


“Dont worry; hes trustworthy.” Captain Hao knew what Jiang Yao was going to ask, so he gave her the answer before she could ask it.


Ouyangs original name isnt Ouyang.

He used to be at the military academy.

After studying for a year, he transferred to a foreign country to study economic management.

The identity of Mr.

Ouyang is borrowed from a friend of his.

However, Mr.

Ouyang also has shares in a company in Xiang City.”

Captain Haos words were not clear, but that was the rule to protect their informants.

Jiang Yao understood that.

Captain Hao had already said too much.

If she wanted to investigate Mr.

Ouyangs real identity, she would be able to find out more about him.


Ouyang was the shareholder of a company, and that was his real identity.

After leaving the coffee shop, Jiang Yao returned to Wen Yunfangs house.

That night, Wen Yunfang did not return.

When she returned at 10 in the morning the next day, she had changed her clothes.

The servant had sent her those clothes early in the morning.

Jiang Yao was not an inexperienced girl.

She knew what that meant.

However, when she thought about the kind of woman interested in Lu Xingzhi, she felt angry.

Wen Yunfang went upstairs for a few minutes before going downstairs.

When she saw Jiang Yao, she said, “Im going back to Shu City now.

Do you want to stay here or go back with me”

Jiang Yaos eyes lit up.

“Ill go back with you!”

Wen Yunfang sneered to show her disdain.

“Then hurry up and pack your things and get in the car.

Ill wait for you for two minutes.

If you take more than two minutes, then dont come with me.”

Jiang Yao did not pack anything at all.

She took her backpack and got in the car.

After the car drove out of the border of Xiang City, Jiang Yao asked, “Is there something going on in Shu City Why are we going back to Shu City so suddenly Will we meet Brother Jing if we go back now”

“How would I know” Wen Yunfang rolled her eyes at the person next to her, obviously too lazy to talk to her.

Jiang Yao observed Wen Yunfangs expression.

Seeing that her expression was normal, she guessed that Ding Xiaomei had arrived in Shu City.

When Brother Ding found out about the matter, he must have called for Wen Yunfang to return home, but he was afraid that Wen Yunfang would do something behind his back.

Therefore, he did not tell Wen Yunfang in advance about what had happened.

Brother Ding might have watched Sister Wen to prevent her from informing Wen Yunfang.

Wen Yunfang did not know, and even if she did, she would not tell her.

Therefore, the time after that was the same as when Jiang Yao came to Xiang City.

She was like a clump of quiet air.

After more than three hours, they reached Shu City.

Brother Jing had not yet said anything about his arrival, so Lu Xingzhi should still be staying at the Ding residence at that time.

When she thought about how she would see Lu Xingzhi soon, Jiang Yao could not sit still.

The anticipation on her face was not hidden at all, allowing Wen Yunfang to repeatedly turn her head to look at her a few times.

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