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Chapter 1348: Account Ledgers

“Big Ke, theres nothing for you to do here.

You can go back first.” Jiang Yao sent Big Ke away.

Big Ke looked at Jiang Yao and thought for a moment.

Then, he nodded and left.

Young Master Lu had told him that he did not need to guard Jiang Yao at all times, but he had to listen to Jiang Yaos orders.

Big Ke was someone who had climbed up from a pile of dead bodies.

Before he met Jiang Yao, he thought that life was where the strong preyed on the weak.

When he was with Jiang Yao, he realized that Jiang Yao was an experienced woman.

Then, he looked at the earth under Jiang Yaos feet.

He knew that the darkness of the world still made peoples hair stand on end.

After Big Ke left, Jiang Yao put the unconscious girl into the medical system.

Then, she found a place to wash her hands and shoes before taking a taxi back to the house.

That night, Wen Yunfang went home drunk.

After entering the house, she asked the servant if Gu Junhui was back.

When she knew that the woman was home, she went upstairs.

Jiang Yao waited in the room downstairs until Wen Yunfang and the servant were fast asleep.

Then, she asked Moe to go out and give each of them an injection of sleeping pills.

After waiting for five minutes for the medicine to take effect, Jiang Yao went upstairs and asked Moe to open the door for her to enter Wen Yunfangs room.

Unlike the guest room downstairs, which was only a few square meters, Wen Yunfangs room was more than 30 square meters.

There was a study room, but it was unused.

There were not many books in it.

Jiang Yao had inspected the room during the day and knew that Wen Yunfangs important things were placed in the cabinet, which seemed to have a bookcase hidden in it.

She knew that there was something in the cabinet, but she did not know what it was.

However, from the design, she guessed that the thing must be significant.

The sleeping medicine could allow a person to sleep for a full six hours.

During those six hours, no matter how noisy the world was, they would not wake up.

Therefore, even though Wen Yunfang was sleeping on the bed, Jiang Yao felt relaxed as she went through the things in the cabinet.

The bookcase in the wardrobe was hidden.

Those who did not know about it would not see the hidden cabinet.

When they saw the densely packed shoe boxes, they would think that it was a shoe box.

In fact, most of those shoe boxes had shoes, all except the top row.

Jiang Yao took a box and opened it; she saw a yellowed notebook.

When she opened it carefully, Jiang Yao realized that those notebooks were all handwritten ledgers.

The handwriting was not good.

It was crooked, like the handwriting of a primary school student.

Wen Yunfang must have written it.

After Jiang Yao finished reading the ledgers, she took the smallest one from the two most inconspicuous boxes.

Those ledgers were old, and the earliest ones were from seven years ago.

Wen Yunfang must have only been about 13 or 14 years old.

The top row was full of account ledgers, and there was a layer of dust on them.

Jiang Yao bet that Wen Yunfang would not find out that she took the old account books from a long time ago.

It was impossible for Wen Yunfang to go through the old account books.

After Jiang Yao took it, she restored the books to their original state.

After making sure that there were no changes, she left Wen Yunfangs room.

Jiang Yao wanted to send it out tomorrow.

However, she did not know the informant and contact person in Xiang city, so she had to inform Lu Xingzhi first.

Wen Yunfangs ledger must have been meant for Brother Ding.

After all, she was working for Brother Ding, but she had more power and was in charge of the entire Xiang City.

It was clear how much Brother Ding valued her.

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