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Chapter 1347: Experienced Movements

That man had a bandage wrapped around his head.

He must be Mr.

Qiang, who had been injured by the girl who had jumped off the fourth floor.

Jiang Yao could vaguely guess the mans identity from Wen Yunfangs small talk with that Mr.


It was also Mr.

Qiangs identity that made Jiang Yao feel anxious.

She wanted to leave that place as soon as possible and was eager to save that girl.

It looked like Mr.

Qiang was very familiar with Wen Yunfang and that place.

He was even fond of the so-called new goods.

He must have harmed countless people.

If the girl who jumped off the building survived, she would be an essential witness to testify against that person who had a high position in the city.

Jiang Yao had to save her.

She waited in the private room for more than half an hour before finally waiting for Wen Yunfang to return to the private room.

After Wen Yunfang returned, Jiang Yao said that she wanted to go home and sleep.

Perhaps it was because of the unpleasant incident; Wen Yunfang did not even have the mood to deal with Jiang Yao.

She told Jiang Yao to take a taxi home by herself while she and her friends continued to drink in the private room to vent her anger.

Jiang Yao wished that no one would send her back, so when Wen Yunfang said that, she only pretended to be afraid and agreed in a few seconds.

Then, she took her coat and left the nightclub alone.

Jiang Yao went to a place more than a thousand meters away from the nightclub to take a taxi.

After she got in the car, she called Big Ke.

Then, Jiang Yao sent Big Ke a text message to tell him to follow her.

Big Ke was a mercenary and always knew some first aid measures.

Therefore, she would let Big Ke give first aid to that girl before she rushed to them.

Wen Yunfang could get someone to bury bodies in the suburbs.

Those people would really do it.

Jiang Yao got out of the car and searched for the place on foot.

When she found Big Ke, the man was giving first aid to that girl.

That girls body was covered in soil.

Obviously, Big Ke rescued her from the pit.

“Hows the situation” Jiang Yao walked to them and quickly took over Big Kes position.

Then, she asked Big Ke to help her and promptly gave the girl first aid.

Fortunately, she reached them in time and managed to save the girls life.

Then, she would bring the girl into the medical system for treatment; the girl could still recover.

Big Ke, “There might be more bodies buried in the yellow soil under your feet.

When they were digging the hole, I heard them talking.

They said that they didnt even know if that was the first person to be buried here.

If there were another body, I dont know if there would be a place for them to dig a perfect hole to bury them.”

After a pause, Big Ke pointed at the pit on the side and said, “When they dug that pit, they also dug a white bone and then filled it with some soil before burying it again.”

“Your movements are experienced.

Youre good at this sort of thing.

If you dont believe me, you can try using your eyes to pierce through the soil to see how many bones are in it,” Moe said.

Jiang Yao felt a chill from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head.

She looked at the pit and saw a complete skeleton in it.

She immediately felt a chill run down her spine.

Would she want to look through the entire slope

She was afraid of seeing the mountain of bones; she was worried that she would not be able to sleep after looking at it.

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