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Chapter 1344: Glittering

Jiang Yao had thought that Wen Yunfang would want to ignore for a long time, but she had brought her out on the night she arrived in Xiang City.

First, she took her to the mall to buy clothes.

Then, she changed Jiang Yaos rustic cotton-padded jacket, which Wen Yunfang looked down on, and put fashionable clothes on her.

After buying the clothes, Wen Yunfang took Jiang Yao to a big restaurant for dinner.

After that, she dragged Jiang Yao to a nightclub to drink and have fun.

Wen Yunfang and her so-called girlfriends also went with her, each wearing bright and beautiful clothes.

During dinner, they talked about gold, silver, jewelry, high-end cosmetics, bags, clothes, and other topics that made Jiang Yao, a girl from the countryside, completely speechless.

Wen Yunfang could scheme when she really wanted to plot against someone.

That night, she had neglected Gu Junhui, who had gone to the strange city alone.

At night, she changed Gu Junhuis clothes.

She brought Gu Junhui to a big restaurant that she did not fit into and then continued to neglect her.

No one at the dining table had a single conversation with Gu Junhui.

A girl who had not seen much of the world had gone to a strange city.

If she changed into clothes that she was unfamiliar with, she would panic.

Furthermore, at that time, Wen Yunfang even deliberately made her feel lonely.

Everyone at the table was talking and laughing, but she was the only one who could not fit in, like a crane in a flock of chickens.

Even if Gu Junhui wanted to complain about the situation, she could not say anything.

After all, Wen Yunfang brought Gu Junhui out to play, but she could not blame anyone else if she did not fit in with the crowd.

When they were at the nightclub, Wen Yunfang brought a few more friends to their table.

Unlike the women at dinner, they were a few handsome young men.

Jiang Yao sat in her seat, her hands on her knees like a good girl.

She looked at the people singing and dancing in the private room with a tense expression.

Then, a young man in a gray coat sat next to her.

He poured her a cup of warm water, then handed her a piece of watermelon, and then smiled at her gently.

He started to talk to her naturally.

Jiang Yao pretended to be nervous.

She answered whatever the other party asked.

She wondered if the man had wanted to seduce her on her first night there.

Jiang Yao did not know the identity of that man, but she could tell from his clothes that he was a wealthy gentleman.

“Do you like my ring”

Perhaps Jiang Yaos dazed eyes were focused on the ring on the mans hand, so the man assumed that Jiang Yao liked the ring he was wearing.

“No, I just think its strange that someone would wear a stone as an ornament.” Jiang Yao grinned.

“All the rich people in our town wear thick gold rings.

Gold is so pretty that it glows in the sun.”

Perhaps it was because of Jiang Yaos vulgar eyes that even her attractive face could not keep someone interested in chatting with her.

The man moved his eyes away from Jiang Yao, who was a country bumpkin.

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