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Chapter 1338: No Second Look

“Are they stupid” Jiang Yao burst out laughing.

“Do they really think that all the women in the world are as obsessed with money as they are”

Perhaps they were that way.

Even if it were the real Gu Junhui, the girl was stubborn.

Gu Changshu had been in prison, but after he got out, he had nothing, and she was still loyal to him.

It was not as if no one in town was richer than Gu Changshu, but Gu Junhui loved Gu Changshu.

That was love.

If it were anyone else, it would be impossible.

Even if the real Gu Junhui was there, it was impossible for Wen Yunfangs wealthy friend to seduce her.

Jiang Yao only found it funny.

Could they find a better man than Lu Xingzhi who could make her fall in love with him

The answer was no.

There was only one Lu Xingzhi, and she only had one Lu Xingzhi.

No one could surpass or replace him.

“What did Moe say” Lu Xingzhi could not understand what Moe was saying, but he could understand what Jiang Yao said.

Therefore, he guessed that Moe had just returned from Wen Yunfangs or Brother Dings place and heard something.

“Moe just came back from Wen Yunfangs place.

After you and I are living separately, Wen Yunfang will introduce me to rich men who are younger and more handsome than you.” Jiang Yao smiled so widely that her mouth was curved into a crescent moon.

On the other hand, Lu Xingzhis expressionless face gradually darkened.

A few seconds later, he snorted.

“You will take it”

“Yes, Ill take it!” Jiang Yao nodded.

Lu Xingzhi raised his hand and flicked her on the forehead.

“Dont even take a second look!”

“Young handsome men, theyre pleasing to the eye.

They wont take your place in my heart.

Im just taking a look.” Jiang Yao grinned cheekily at Lu Xingzhi and made a face, sticking out her tongue.

“Dont worry.

Even if Wen Yunfang really finds someone more attractive than you, Ill just look at them.

They wont move me.”

Obviously, that kind of guarantee was not convincing at all.

Lu Xingzhi turned his head and said quietly, “Keep an eye on her.

Whichever man gets close to her, stick some sheep dung and cow dung on him.”

Moe gave in cowardly and nodded with a meow.

Gu Changshu and Gu Junhui were friends with Ah Zhus friend, Xiao Xing, so Gu Changshu could bring Gu Junhui to see Xiao Xing without attracting anyones attention.

The three of them went to watch a movie, and after that, they went their separate ways.

Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao also sent out their reports.

Around seven in the evening, Ah Zhu arranged for Lu Xingzhi to go out.

He said that he would find a quiet place to talk to him about Brother Jings matter, while Jiang Yao stayed alone in the house.

Before Lu Xingzhi returned, Wen Yunfang sent someone to pass a message to her.

She asked her to leave Shu City with her the day after tomorrow and dress nicely for the occasion.

After Jiang Yao dispatched Wen Yunfangs messenger, she stood at the window and watched Wen Yunfang ask about the servant downstairs.

She sneered.

Ah Zhu said that Brother Jing would only arrive in Shu City in a few days.

However, Wen Yunfang could not wait to get her away from Lu Xingzhis side.

Jiang Yao thought it was tiring to have a flirty husband.

Lu Xingzh did not know about that.

By the time he and Ah Zhu returned from their discussion, it was already eleven oclock.

He even reeked of alcohol.

Everyone knew that he had gone out to drink with Ah Zhu.

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