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Chapter 1335: Please Tell Her

After Brother Ding finished speaking, he added another piece of juicy news.

“Brother Jing will stay with me for a few days.

What if your wife stays here and your Brother Jing sees her He doesnt have another hobby other than playing with women.

Your wife is so good-looking.

Can she escape if her Brother Jing meets her Even I told Yunfang to make herself scarce before Brother Jing arrives in Shu City, so why not your wife Im doing it for her sake.”

After Brother Ding finished speaking, he looked at Gu Junhui.

“Tell Gu Changshu not to be stubborn and inflexible.

If a woman like you follows him all day long, it will only affect him.

Since he wants to earn big money, then it is a sacrifice that he must make.

Its only for a short period.

Why the reluctance Wait for Brother Jing to leave, and you can come back then.”

Ah Zhu sneered inwardly.

If Gu Junhui followed Wen Yunfang to another location after Brother Jing left, would she get to return alive

Wen Yunfang was a ruthless woman.

Without Brother Ding and him keeping an eye on her, and without Gu Changshu keeping an eye on her, it would be a wonder if Wen Yunfang would keep Gu Junhui happy.

Ah Zhu was confident that Wen Yunfang must have said something to Brother Ding in private before he agreed to it.

Brother Jing liked to play with women, but it would be fine if they avoided Brother Jing and asked Gu Junhui to move out of the mansion for a period.

Shu City was a big city.

Would Brother Jing see Gu Junhui if they avoided him

Besides, Brother Jing liked to play with women, but it was always consensual.

He gave them money, and they let him use their bodies.

Brother Jing had never forced himself on a woman.

However, Ah Zhu could not say those words to Gu Changshu in front of Brother Ding.

At the moment, Gu Changshu could only agree, or he would anger Brother Ding.

Therefore, Ah Zhu could only help Brother Ding to persuade Gu Changshu.

“Changshu, Junhui, Brother Ding is right.

Junhui can go out of town for a while.

If you really miss her, buy a cell phone and call her when you have time.”

Ah Zhu was reminding Gu Changshu to buy a cell phone for Gu Junhui so that he could contact her at any time.

Then, Ah Zhu continued to say, “Changshu, I know that you are worried that Junhui is timid.

You are afraid that she will get hurt.

You can rest assured about that.

Young Miss has a lot of capable people by her side.

They will protect her, even when they go out.

I guarantee that we wont let anything happen to her.”

Ah Zhus words were also a safety net for Gu Junhui.

Once he promised that, Wen Yunfang would have to think twice before doing anything.

He had said it in front of Brother Ding to persuade Gu Changshu.

Therefore, his words were also Brother Dings words.

If Brother Ding wanted to use Gu Changshu, he would have to restrict Wen Yunfang from doing anything to Gu Junhui.

However, after saying that, Ah Zhu still loathed Wen Yufang.

She was a despicable woman and had endless tricks up her sleeve.

“Alright, I agree.

I wont be a burden to Brother Changshu.” Jiang Yao bit her lip as if she had finally made up her mind.

Then, she turned around and tried to persuade the man beside her, who had always had a cold expression.

She coaxed him gently and even acted coquettishly.

After a long while, Gu Changshu nodded.

Then, he said to Brother Ding, “Brother Ding, I beg you to tell Young Miss to take care of Junhui.”

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