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Chapter 1334: Staying In Two Different Places

However, that was a good thing for Lu Xingzhi, and it was also very beneficial for Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhis mission.

Originally, Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao were going for Brother Dings team and not just him.

“As for you, Junhui, Brother Changshu is going to do something big.

Its inconvenient for you to follow him.

Im afraid it will affect his work.”

“Then Ill stay at home,” Jiang Yao said.

Then, she smiled and turned to Lu Xingzhi.

“Ill stay at home and wait for you.

Ill do the housework and tidy up the house.”

“Theres a nanny in the house.

Theres no need for you to do housework.” Ah Zhu burst into laughter.

“Have a few kids, and you can take care of the children.

That is the only thing a woman needs to do.”

Jiang Yaos little face turned red, and she shyly turned her body sideways to avoid looking at Ah Zhu.

“Youre so shy.” Ah Zhus teasing became more intense.

Lu Xingzhi pinched Jiang Yaos hand and smiled.

He would not get Jiang Yao pregnant during their mission; he was afraid that Jiang Yaos pregnancy would affect her mobility.

However, it was different when he thought about the future.

When the mission was over, he would report to the new army.

By then, Jiang Yao would be able to get pregnant and have a child.

When they had a child, she would be busy with the baby.

At night, when he returned home, he would see his wife and child.

His heart stirred when he thought about it.

“Changshu is not at home, and Junhui will be bored by herself.

So, Junhui can go with Yunfang and keep her company.

When Yunfang is free, she likes to go shopping, play cards, and do beauty treatments.

Junhui can go along with her.

As a woman, she should eat, drink, and dress up every day.

She should live as happily as she can.

When Changshu is free, he will go and see you.

The two of you can get together then.”

“No.” Lu Xingzhi was the first to refuse.

“She can stay here.

If she feels bored, she can go out and find some easy work to do.”

Ah Zhus eyes were also filled with astonishment.

That was not the arrangement he had told Brother Ding.

At first, Ah Zhu had suggested to Brother Ding that Gu Junhui should stay in the house.

He could control Gu Changshus wife and keep her under his nose.

He would not need to be afraid of Gu Changshu betraying him.

When Ah Zhu heard that Brother Ding wanted to arrange for Gu Junhui to stay with Wen Yunfang, his first reaction was that Wen Yunfang must have said something to Brother Ding.

She had taken a fancy to Gu Changshu, and Brother Ding valued that man.

If he placed Gu Junhui with Wen Yunfang, would she treat Gu Junhui well

“Im afraid that if she stays here, youll be distracted.

Changshu, Brother Jing will come to Shu City in a few days,” Brother Ding said.

“Its not wrong for you to dote on your wife, but we cant spend all our time thinking about love.

Otherwise, we wont be able to achieve anything significant.”

When Gu Changshus expression did not ease, Brother Ding was a little annoyed, but he still said, “Yunfang is my adopted daughter.

Ive watched her grow up.

Shes about the same age as Junhui.

Your wife needs to have friends too.

Dont tell me you want to keep her at home like a canary A woman her age needs to chat and have fun with their friends.

I see that she and Yunfang can get along well.

I know why youre worried.

I promise you that I wont let your wife work with Yunfang.

She doesnt need help either.

She can arrange her own matters with the people she has.”

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