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Chapter 1333: Thank You, Brother Ding

“What do you mean” Jiang Yaos beautiful brows furrowed slightly.

“I mean it literally.” Wen Yunfang chuckled and swaggered off.

It was obvious that she was deliberately keeping her in suspense without telling anyone the answer.

Jiang Yao did not need to guess for too long.

Soon, someone called her, saying that Brother Ding was looking for her.

When Jiang Yao arrived, Ah Zhu and Lu Xingzhi were also in Brother Dings teahouse.

It seemed like the three of them had been sitting there for a long time and talking.

Ah Zhu greeted Jiang Yao when he saw her come in.

Then, he gave up the seat next to Gu Changshu and changed to sit across from him.

Brother Ding sat on the main seat and made tea for the three of them personally.

It was hard for Jiang Yao to tell that a person like Brother Ding liked the elegance of making tea.

After all, in Shu City, tea leaves were more expensive than gold.

Ever since Lu Xingzhi came in with Ah Zhu, Brother Ding had not talked about serious matters.

Instead, he asked about Lu Xingzhis life and his views on Shu City.

It was as if they were just chatting.

The questions were a test of Lu Xingzhis knowledge of Shu City, his plans for the future, and most importantly, his opinions on what he would do in the future.

The questions were designed to see how much Lu Xingzhi knew.

Lu Xingzhi knew that he had done nothing wrong, and Brother Dings expression showed that he was satisfied with him.

After Jiang Yao sat down, the first thing Brother Ding did was to pour her a cup of tea.

Then, he said, “Ah Zhu is young, but he has worked with me for many years.

He is my right-hand man, the person I trust the most.

He brought you here, so I value you more.

Whats the old saying Fated to be together”

Jiang Yao had already guessed what Brother Ding was going to say, and she was a little excited!

It seemed like hers and Lu Xingzhis efforts in Shu City had not been in vain, and Lu Xingzhi was not beaten for nothing!

Sure enough, the next second, Brother Ding looked at Lu Xingzhi and said, “Changshu, youre young and decent, but you have the courage and the ability to take charge.

I like young people like you, so Ill give you a better chance than Ah Zhu.

Ill arrange for you to go to Brother Jings side.

If you perform well, youll only be more promising than Ah Zhu.”

As Brother Ding spoke, he reached out and patted Gu Changshus shoulder.

He said earnestly, “If you help me, I will give you the best chance.

You may not know Brother Jing, but Ah Zhu does.

Later, I will let Ah Zhu tell you about him.”

Ah Zhu smiled.

“Changshu, why dont you thank Brother Ding That is a great opportunity! Even I am envious!”

Ah Zhu laughed so hard that his eyes almost disappeared.

He was like another version of Maitreya Buddha.

He said, “Brother Jing is Brother Dings superior.

If you work with Brother Jing, the money will come faster.

As long as he can keep using you, you can earn a lot in a day.”

Excitement and joy flashed in his dull eyes.

Then, he quickly said, “Thank you, Brother Ding!”

Jiang Yao was shocked when she heard that.

He said that he would send Lu Xingzhi to Brother Jing to be a spy for Brother Ding.

Brother Ding was ambitious.

He had long wanted to pull down the two people above him and bring Lu Xingzhi into the fold.

It was not because he fancied the man but because Lu Xingzhi was a stranger.

Therefore, when Brother Jing saw Lu Xingzhi, he would not have guessed that Lu Xingzhi was Brother Dings man.

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