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Chapter 1331: Did She Know

As a child, Ding Xiaomei had been told that her father worked outside the village and earned a lot of money.

As a result, she was all set to leave the village by herself to find her father, whom she barely remembered, and return home with the money to help treat her nephews illness.

Her youngest brother saw her getting ready to leave and insisted on accompanying her.

So, the two of them left the village.

“You said that the person who lied to you was a girl about your age”

Jiang Yao asked, “A human trafficker in her teens A girl”

“Yes, she had short hair and a mole in her eyebrows.”

Ding Xiaomei wiped her tears.

“Later, when I was locked up, I heard people call her Young Miss, so I knew she was the leader of those human traffickers.”

Jiang Yao was silent for a long time before she asked again, “Does she know your name”

Ding Xiaomei thought for a few seconds and nodded.

“I told her my brothers name and mine.”

With a mole in her eyebrow and addressed as a Young Miss, Jiang Yao knew it could only be Wen Yunfang.

If Ding Xiaomei knew that she and her brother were sold by the daughter of her fathers mistress, who was also her biological fathers adopted daughter, she would be in despair.

Jiang Yao thought Wen Yunfang was the most vicious woman.

Even though Wen Yunfang had only been 15 or 16 years old at that time, she had already gone out to deceive people.

That was an indisputable fact.

Jiang Yao wondered if Wen Yunfang had recognized Ding Xiaomei back then.

She must have known that Ding Xiaomei and her brother were Brother Dings children.

Under such circumstances, Wen Yunfang had even sold Ding Xiaomei and her brother.

Did Wen Yunfang do that because she recognized them and feared the two siblings would take away Brother Dings love for her

Ding Xiaomei and Brother Ding really looked alike.

Wen Yunfang would not have had any doubts about that.

Lu Xingzhi did not show up.

The two soldiers arrived 20 minutes later.

They brought Jiang Yao and Ding Xiaomei to the hospital.

Jiang Yao did not take off her mask and hat the entire time.

When they arrived at the hospital, Jiang Yao finally understood why Ding Xiaomei trusted her more after hearing about the soldiers.

People in the countryside naturally trusted the soldiers because of stories about the Peoples Liberation Army soldiers sacrificing themselves to save others.

Ding Xiaomei did not trust the police officers who had hurt her, but she trusted the soldiers.

When the child was lying quietly on the hospital bed receiving the infusion, Ding Xiaomei knelt to the two soldiers and begged them to help her find her younger brother.

She wanted them to help her find the human traffickers from back then and shoot them.

The two soldiers thought about finding an excuse to place Ding Xiaomei in the army temporarily.

When they heard Ding Xiaomeis plea, they immediately agreed to Ding Xiaomeis request.

They promised her that they would investigate the matter.

Ding Xiaomei was successfully transferred to the army.

Then, Jiang Yao decided to leave, with the excuse that she had to catch a train> She bade farewell to Ding Xiaomei and left the hospital.

Lu Xingzhi was waiting for Jiang Yao at the hospital.

When he saw her come out, he quickly went up and asked about the situation in the ward.

“Its very smooth.

Ding Xiaomei will go to the army to stay with the two soldiers after the child is discharged from the hospital.” Jiang Yao sighed.

“Ding Xiaomei—that is really an unexpected gain for us.”

Jiang Yao sighed again.

“Its just that her experience is so miserable.

Also, I dont know where her brother is now.”

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