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Chapter 1328: Liars

They were, in fact, very similar.

However, due to years of malnutrition, that woman may have lost some weight, and she was much older than she appeared in the photograph.

However, her facial features, in particular her lips and eyes, matched those in the picture.

Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi knew Brother Dings information by heart.

Brother Ding had a wife in his hometown, and he had four children.

When Brother Ding left his hometown, his youngest child was still in his wifes belly.

She had read the information related to Brother Dings eldest son and daughters life.

They were married and had children, but Brother Dings second daughter and youngest son had been missing for many years.

When she disappeared, the eldest girl was already 15 or 16 years old, but the youngest son was only seven or eight years old.

In addition, the woman kowtowing and holding a child looked to be in her 20s.

She matched the description of Brother Dings kidnapped daughter perfectly.

Jiang Yao had a distinct impression that the young lady was Brother Dings long-lost daughter.

“Wait for me over there.

Ill go over and check out the situation,” Jiang Yao said as she put on her mask again.

After Lu Xingzhi hid in the crowd, she walked toward the entrance.

The woman bowed her head in submission the moment Jiang Yao walked over.

She did not seem to pay attention to anything else other than the sound of footsteps.

She would kowtow to anyone who came close to her.

If it werent for Jiang Yaos desperation and inability to let go of any hope, most people wouldnt give her a second glance.

“Im a doctor.

Put the child flat on the ground, and Ill help you take a look.” Jiang Yao stooped down and spoke softly as she stretched her hand to check on the child.

However, she had not anticipated such a strong reaction from the woman.

She yanked her away and roared, “Dont come near my child, you filthy monster! Im well aware that youre a human smuggler.

Go! Leave now!”

Jiang Yao was shocked.

She was dumbfounded when she was pushed to the ground.

“How can I be a human trafficker if Im a doctor”

Jiang Yao asked in confusion, “I saw that your child seemed to be very sick, so I came over to see if I could help you.”

After saying that, Jiang Yao opened her backpack and took out the stethoscope, thermometer, and other things from it.

“Look, Im a doctor, so I have the habit of carrying these with me.”

Of course, those were all taken from the system at the last minute.

Jiang Yao was a little surprised that the woman in front of her was so guarded.

She still hugged the child tightly and did not dare to let her touch them.

After a long while, the woman asked, “Youre really a doctor Youre not a liar”

“Yes, Im a doctor.”

Jiang Yao nodded.

“Can you let me take a look at your child”

“Youre not a liar, right I can trust you, right I only have my child to accompany me.

I beg you, dont take him away.” As the woman spoke, she kowtowed.

Then, she placed the child on the ground with a vigilant expression.

She was probably afraid that Jiang Yao would take the child away and run away, so she held her childs hand and shoulder tightly with one hand.

It wasnt because the woman didnt trust Jiang Yao that she frowned slightly; instead, it was because the woman seemed on high alert as if she suspected everyone of being a human trafficker.

After Jiang Yao examined the child, she had a rough idea of the reason.

The child was malnourished and had a high fever that did not subside.

There was also a severe inflammation in his body.

It was probably caused by the child eating a lot of dirty things.

The child said that his stomach and head hurt.

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