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Chapter 1327: Resemblance

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It was at the train station entrance.

A young woman was carrying a boy who was only four or five years old.

The mother and child were dressed in shabby clothes and were very dirty.

Their clothes were not only dirty, but even their bodies were also dirty.

They looked like a mother and child who had been wandering for a long time.

People who passed by them would pinch their noses.

There were even people who ran far away from them.

However, without exception, that woman would hold the child in her arms and kneel and kowtow to the people they see.

“Please help me.

Please save my child.

Please save my child…”

The womans pleas were accompanied by a hoarse cry.

It was raspy and ear-piercing.

The child in her arms looked like he was dead.

He was skinny, and his hands were placed weakly on his mothers arms.

The crowd only glanced at him briefly.

They threw a coin or two and left.

No one stopped to ask how they could help them.

“Child, child, wake up.

Mommy is begging you to stop sleeping, okay” The woman reached out to pick up the coins on the ground as she lowered her head to touch the childs face in her arms.

It was as if the mothers tears had awakened the child.

The childs eyelids trembled slightly, and then slowly, he opened them weakly.

When the little boy opened his eyes, what he saw was his mothers tears.

He lifted his thin, bamboo-like hand and gently wiped away his mothers tears.

“Mommy, dont cry.

I wont sleep again.”

After saying that, the little boy coughed a few more times.

“Mommy, Im so uncomfortable.

Im in so much pain…”

The little boys cries of pain caused the woman to break down as she hugged the child and wailed loudly.

“Baby, Im so sorry.

Im the useless one.

Ive caused you so much suffering, but Im begging you.

Please hold on, okay I only have you now.

Please, Im begging you.

No matter how painful it is, please hold on, okay I will get enough money to get you to the hospital for treatment.

Baby, Im begging you.”

Then, the woman kowtowed to everyone who passed by them.

The banging sounds scared some of the passersby away.

There was no extra money in front of her, not even some coins.

The boy was very sensible.

He comforted his mother.

“Mom, Im not in pain.

If you kowtow, my heart will ache.

He said it did not hurt, but he was gritting his teeth.

His face was covered in a cold sweat.

He was clearly in pain.

Jiang Yao had never seen such a sensible child.

He felt sorry for his mother, so he gritted his teeth and swallowed all the pain.

He did not even dare to make a sound because of the pain, afraid that his mother would kowtow even harder if he made a sound.

Jiang Yao pulled Lu Xingzhi and pointed at the entrance.

“Lets go and take a look.”

Lu Xingzhi had noticed that there seemed to be something wrong at the entrance.

The people who went in and out of the entrance were all scared, and some even turned back for a second look.

Jiang Yao pulled Lu Xingzhi to the front, but there was no mother and son near the door.

Lu Xingzhis eyesight was very good, and he could clearly see the people at the entrance from where he stood.

“Look at the mother holding the child.

Does she look like Brother Dings daughter who disappeared for many years” Jiang Yao was surprised by the womans face.

“Doesnt she look like Brother Ding”

Lu Xingzhis eyes froze for a few seconds before he nodded..


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