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Chapter 1319: Give You A Chance

“What a coincidence! My teacher, the Divine Doctor, has a way to cure your daughter, and its a 100% cure.

Youve brought your daughter to the hospital for many years, so you must have heard of the Divine Doctor.

So, you dont have to doubt my words.

After all, my teacher has never done anything that hes not sure of.”

Jiang Yao looked at Mrs.

Sun and asked with a smile, “Are you tempted”

That casual tone, a sweet smile like sunshine in March, was as if she was asking another simple question.

That temptation held a life in its hands.


Suns eyes twitched.

How could she not take action

“What do you want”


Sun was not stupid.

Jiang Yao would not agree so kindly.

She had heard of the Divine Doctor.

It was not that she had not thought about looking for the Divine Doctor, but she had no connections.

She could not find any helpful information about the Divine Doctor, so she knew it was a fools dream to look for him.

She might as well put that hope in getting Jiang Yaos heart.

“Ill give you a chance to be a kind mother.”

When Jiang Yao said that, she suddenly let out a soft laugh.

Her laughter was clear and crisp, ringing like a bell in the corridor of the hospital.

It seemed to add a strange atmosphere to that depressing space.

Lu Xingzhi indulged her, so he did not interrupt her and listened to her quietly.

“Xie Qiuxiang, turn yourself in and tell the public that you killed your ex-husband and let Xie Qiuran go to prison in your place.

When you turn yourself in, Ill ask my teacher to come and take Sun Xiaoshan away for a heart transplant surgery so that she can live.”

Her laughter faded away and was replaced with the same expression as the man behind her, indifferent and proud, as she said, “Dont you love your daughter very much Dont you want to do everything for your daughter I dont want your life as long as you turn yourself in and tell everyone about the dirty things you did.”

“Dont be afraid that I will lie to you.

I am the Divine Doctors only student.

It is a surgery that will change your daughters life, but it is nothing more than a routine surgery for my teacher.

It is just a small matter like having a fever or a cold.”

Jiang Yaos voice was slightly cold.

“Xie Qiuxiang, you can think about it, but your daughter doesnt have as much time to wait for you to think about it as you do.

She might die; she might live.

In the end, her fate will depend on how you choose.”

As she looked at Mrs.

Suns face full of pain, Jiang Yao felt delighted in her heart.


Sun was a selfish person, but she loved her daughter so much that she had to choose between herself and her daughter.

Was that not interesting

The surgery to replace Sun Xiaoshans heart was only a small matter for Jiang Yao.

It was a piece of cake.

Sun Xiaoshan was innocent, but was Jiang Yao not innocent as well Was Xie Qiuran not innocent

If Sun Xiaoshan died, then the only person she could blame was Mrs.

Sun, her mother.

“I dont believe you!”


Sun retreated to the wall, her hands trembling as she leaned against the wall.

“Youre lying to me! You dont know anything; youre just here to lie to me!”


Sun kept telling herself that the girl was only guessing everything, so she deliberately used the Divine Doctor to make her jump into the pit.

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