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Chapter 1318: Turn Yourself In

“Xie Qiuxiang Im Xie Qiuran, and Im your mother, not your aunt,” Mrs.

Sun shouted angrily, her heart trembling with fear.

How did she know her intention Did her stupid cousin tell her

No! Her stupid cousin had returned to Ping City! There was no way he would have the chance to tell her that, and her cousin would not have had the guts to ruin her plans.

Then how did Jiang Yao know about her plan

And how did she know that she was Xie Qiuxiang

“Stop pretending.

The truth cant be faked, and the fake cant be the truth.” Jiang Yao sneered lightly; her expression was incomparably arrogant.

“Didnt you want to use my heart to save your sickly daughter Unfortunately, you wont be able to get it in this lifetime.

You cant take anything that belongs to me!”

“What are you talking about” Mr.

Sun looked at the three people in front of him with a pale face as if he couldnt understand what they were talking about.

“Take care of Shanshan.

Ill talk to this child alone.

I dont know where she heard that, but its a misunderstanding.” Mrs.

Sun hurriedly pushed her husband, who was carrying a hot water bottle, into the ward.

Then, she closed the door.

“Are you afraid that your husband will find out that you are Xie Qiuxiang, and you have been living as Xie Qiuran for 20 years” Jiang Yao looked coldly at Mrs.

Sun while she leaned on Lu Xingzhi.

Her gaze locked onto Mrs.

Suns face.

Her eyes were filled with gloom, like a black fog that could swallow people.


Sun met her eyes and inexplicably stopped in her tracks.

“Xie Qiuxiang, a wise man doesnt beat around the bush.

Even though you are not wise, I dont have much patience for pretending to be related to you.

You came to me because you wanted to use my heart to save your daughter, Sun Xiaoshan.

You feel sorry for your daughter.

Fine, Ill fulfill your wish.

Ill give you a chance to feel sorry for your daughter.”

Jiang Yao hooked her finger at Mrs.

Sun, signaling her to come closer.


Sun realized that Jiang Yao knew everything when she heard what Jiang Yao said, so she decided to go all out and walk toward Jiang Yao.


Sun had to admit that she did not think that Jiang Yao, a 20-year-old girl, would have such an oppressive aura.

Besides that, Jiang Yaos husband stood by her side, like a towering mountain that the younger woman could rely on.

The man did not say a word.

His black eyes stared at her like a wild leopard in the dark night.

His eyes radiated murderous killing intent.

That killing intent was intended for her.

Even if he did not say anything, Mrs.

Sun could not ignore such a man.

“Xie Qiuxiang, I can tell you with certainty that if my teacher, the Divine Doctor, does not save your daughter, then Sun Xiaoshan will die if she cant find a suitable heart within half a year.

Even if she finds a suitable heart, there is a high possibility that she will reject it.

Once she rejects it, she will die.”

When Jiang Yao said that, she quietly reached out and grabbed Lu Xingzhis hand.

She pulled it slightly.

There was hatred in her heart, but she was unwilling to show it.

She could only use that method to endure and hide it.

What she hated was the ruthlessness that Xie Qiuxiang had toward her sister.

Jiang Yao could feel the hatred in her bones, causing her to feel conflicted.

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