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Chapter 1314: Soft-hearted

Master Cheng only took ten minutes to settle those doctors at the hospital before he returned to his wifes ward.

Madam Cheng had been awake ever since she found out that Jiang Yao had gone to the hospital late at night.

She waited for her husband to go back to her.

“That child is still worried about you.” Master Cheng walked over and touched his wifes face lovingly.

“She came here to find the doctors who will perform the surgery on you tomorrow and asked about it.

She even brought the medicine that she made herself.”

When Madam Cheng heard that, her heart was touched.

“That child has a sharp tongue but a soft heart.

She even rushed here at this time.

Im afraid that after she leaves, she will worry about my surgery for the entire day.

“Yes, Huang Cheng also told me that my sister is a very soft-hearted person.” Cheng Jinyan was not surprised at all.

Huang Cheng had told him about Jiang Yaos character back then.

Cheng Jinyan had also quickly accepted the sudden appearance of such a sister.

Even though Jiang Yao was not related to him by blood, his half-brother was her half-brother, and her biological mother was also his mother.

That was the one person he respected the most.

Therefore, Cheng Jinyan did not require any psychological transition period to accept a sister.

When Madam Cheng was undergoing surgery, Jiang Yao did not stay in the hospital.

Instead, she stayed in the hotel room in a daze.

She did not go because she was afraid that she would not be able to control herself if something unexpected had happened.

She was also scared to see Madam Cheng enter the surgery room alive, but—

Whether it was to escape the situation or be timid, Jiang Yao did not leave the room after waking up in the morning.

Her phone was switched on, and Cheng Jinyan would occasionally send her messages.

At first, he asked if she would go to the hospital.

Later, he asked if she wanted to send someone to pick her and Lu Xingzhi up.

She knew that Cheng Jinyan wanted her and Lu Xingzhi to go to the hospital, but she did not reply to any of his messages.

At the same time, something happened in Shu City, and everyone gossiped about it.

Two wealthy families in Shu City went to the countryside to collect fresh sheep dung and cow dung.

After asking around, they found out that they wanted to cover their faces with it.

The villagers were delighted.

They laughed and told the rich people that they had a unique fetish as they wanted to cover their faces with such smelly things.

Sister Wen brought Wen Yunfang to a hospital outside the city.

However, Brother Sheng and Brother Liang were still in the hospital in Shu City.

They did not know how they found out about Lu Xingzhis method of dealing with Wen Yunfang.

After enduring another two days, the two of them gritted their teeth and left the hospital by themselves.

They asked their families to get those things for them.

They were prepared to do whatever it took.

After three days of vomiting and having their sense of smell numbed by the stench, Brother Liang realized that he had looked better after he washed his face on the fourth day.

That discovery made the two men feel that it was worth it, no matter how smelly they were.

Meanwhile, the situation in the foreign hospitals was getting worse and worse.

In the end, they had no choice but to give up on returning to Shu City.

Wen Yunfangs face was becoming even more terrifying.

It had only been a red rash.

Then her entire face was filled with blisters that had pus.

Even her eyelids were not spared.

She could barely open her eyes.

The blisters even grew to her neck.

If the pus were not handled properly, it would carry a foul smell.

When Wen Yunfang arrived at the house later, the nanny subconsciously covered her mouth when she saw her.

Fortunately, she did not shout out loud.

Brother Ding had gone back to the house for a visit when he heard that Wen Yunfang had returned.

When he saw Wen Yunfangs ghastly face, even an experienced man like him felt disgusted by it.

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