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Chapter 1313: Show Some Respect

Everyone was pleased with the exchange between peers, but it did not take long for them to be angered by the young womans excessive demands.

Even though they saw that the womans medicine was sealed, it still made them feel ridiculous.

They could not find any information on the production license for those medicines.

Master Cheng glanced at the doctor who spoke.

Seeing that he pushed Jiang Yao after throwing Jiang Yaos things back on the table, he took two steps forward and stood beside Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi.

Then, he said, “Please treat my daughter with respect.”

Master Cheng spoke in the local language.

Jiang Yao did not understand, but Lu Xingzhi understood clearly.

Therefore, his expression was the same as those of the doctors.

He was a little shocked.

The doctors were dumbfounded.

They knew that Master Cheng had two sons, but they did not know that he had a daughter, who seemed to be a doctor.

The rude doctor immediately apologized to Jiang Yao, but he told Master Cheng that Jiang Yao wanted to change the medicine.

Jiang Yao waited for the doctors to finish talking before she looked at Master Cheng.

She said, “Those medicines are all unique to me.

Since I dare to use them, Im confident that those medicines will not be wrong for her.

If you want your wife to have a higher success rate in tomorrows surgery, youd better persuade these doctors to use my medicine.”

After a pause, Jiang Yao said again, “Madam Cheng is your wife.

This is your decision.

My medicine cant guarantee a 100 percent success rate in surgery, but it will increase the success rate.

However, tomorrows surgery will ultimately still depend on the doctors medical skills and Madam Chengs physical condition.”

Jiang Yao told Master Cheng that the doctors should use her medicine.

However, they had to use it willingly and not forced.

If the doctors were dissatisfied, it might affect the surgery.

Jiang Yao kept her medicine and told Lu Xingzhi the dosage.

She asked Lu Xingzhi to write it down.

Then, they left.

The rest was up to Master Cheng.

He could throw away her medicine, or he could think of a way to get the doctors to use her medicine.

She had done what she could.

She had a clear conscience.

Jiang Yao did not turn around to see Madam Cheng.

Instead, she went back to the hotel with Lu Xingzhi.

After showering, she laid next to Lu Xingzhi.

Her mind was filled with thoughts about the hospital.

She was not sure if Master Cheng would believe her.

After all, she was very young.

Sometimes, age was a complex wound in the eyes of others.

“Dont think too much.

Master Cheng will arrange it.” Lu Xingzhi saw that Jiang Yaos eyes were wide open as if she could not sleep.

He knew that she was probably thinking about Madam Chengs surgery.

“Master Cheng will get those doctors to use your medicine.”

Lu Xingzhi was very sure about that because Master Cheng told those doctors that Jiang Yao was his daughter.

It meant that Master Cheng valued Madam Cheng so much that he had also given Jiang Yao a little more trust.

Furthermore, Jiang Yao was the Divine Doctor, so Master Cheng believed in her identity.

If Master Cheng were not going to let the doctors use the medicine, he would have stopped Jiang Yao when she asked him to write the dosage for the medicine.

Jiang Yao nodded, then buried her face in Lu Xingzhis chest, closed her eyes, and enjoyed the peace.

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