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Chapter 1311: No Need For That

“Zhou Junmin found Mrs.

Ge by accident in a very remote and poor village.


Ge was sold to a family with dwarfism as a wife of three brothers.

It doesnt look like she could recognize anyone.

Those three brothers put her on a dog leash all day long.

Zhou Junmin heard from the neighbors that Mrs.

Ge is almost two months pregnant.”

Lu Xingzhis eyes darkened.


Ge was sold to the three brothers by a local leader.

She was already crazy when she was in their hands.

When Zhou Junmin found her, she did not recognize him at all.

When Zhou Junmin found a chance to talk to her alone, he called her Mrs.


She struggled as if she had seen a ghost.

Since she could not run away because of the leash, she dug herself into a hole.

So, Zhou Junmin retreated as he did not want to attract other peoples attention.

With Mrs.

Ges mental state, it might be a little difficult to find Ge Wenwens whereabouts.”

“That bad”

Jiang Yao was speechless.

“Could she and Ge Wenwen have been sold by the same man”

“We dont know yet,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“We still havent found the man who took her, so we cant be sure yet.”

They could not rule out the possibility that the man thought that Mrs.

Ge and Ge Wenwen were a burden to him and decided to leave them.

Of course, perhaps the man had sold Mrs.

Ge and Ge Wenwen.

However, Lu Xingzhi did not understand what Mrs.

Ge had experienced in that half a year that transformed a good person into a mentally deranged person

Zhou Junmin investigated and learned that Mrs.

Ge had gone crazy before she was with the three brothers.

So, who had forced her into that state

If it were a human trafficker, that would not usually drive a normal person crazy.

The price of a normal person was much higher than that of a madwoman.

Jiang Yao asked.

“Should we inform Sergeant Ge about Mrs.

Ges matter After all, shes his ex-wife.”

Lu Xingzhi shook his head.

“Theres no need for that at the moment.


Ge is in such a bad state.

Its useless to inform Sergeant Ge for now.

He is already married and has a new family.

Its unlikely that well be able to bring her back.

Furthermore, Zhou Junmin is watching over her.

We cant alert the enemy now.

Let Mrs.

Ge continue to stay there.”

Lu Xingzhi did not think that Mrs.

Ge was in a miserable state at all.

In fact, Sergeant Ge was in a more pitiful state.

He had lost his future and even his daughter.

If it were not for Mrs.

Ges selfishness and arrogance, would he have fallen into such a state

Sergeant Ge had tolerated her all the time, but she was unsatisfied with her life.

After resting in the hotel for two hours, Lu Xingzhi dragged Jiang Yao around the city to prevent her from thinking too much.

Sometimes, he coaxed her to buy two pieces of clothes, and other times, he coaxed her into buying some jewelry.

Since she was still not in the mood, he simply let her choose a few gifts to take home to her family.

Only then did Jiang Yao focus on finding something to do.

However, after she finished shopping, Jiang Yao returned to the hotel and stared blankly at the large French windows.

When Lu Xingzhi noticed that, he walked toward Jiang Yao, pulled out a chair, and sat beside her.

He said, “Rest early.

Perhaps we can go there tomorrow morning to take a look”

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