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Chapter 1304: Threaten Her

The funny thing was that Mrs.

Sun had asked her own sister to go to prison instead of her.

In the end, she did not even know that she had been out of prison for so many years, and she even tried to visit her in prison.

“She gave birth to me, so I have to return the favor, right”

Jiang Yao lowered her head and kicked the stone beside her feet.

Then, as if she had made a decision, she let out a sigh of relief.

“Then, lets go.

Lets repay the debt of gratitude for giving birth to me.”

“Silly wife.”

Her mother had given birth to her.

How could that be described as a debt of gratitude

She had made a decision.

After Jiang Yao waited for her father to finish his work in the fields and return home, she called him and her mother to talk about leaving.

“Youve only returned home for one night.

You guys havent even gone back to the Lu family yet, and youre already leaving Why dont you go to the Lu family for lunch before leaving” Even though Jiang Yaos mother had prepared a sumptuous lunch for them, she did not say anything about them leaving in a hurry.

Lu Xingzhi said, “No, Mom, I can smell the delicious food.

You must have cooked quite a lot of food, so Yaoyao and I wont be going home.

Well stay here and have lunch with you and Dad.

Ive already told my parents.”

“Ah, okay!”


Jiang nodded without hesitation.

Of course, she was happy that her son-in-law had such a kind heart.

She had cooked one of their chickens.

She wanted them to have a nourishing meal as they had worked hard in the outside world.

“Mom, Xingzhi and I will go to the city to catch a plane after lunch.

After we leave, the Sun family might come back here again.

I will inform you in advance, so you dont overthink this.” Jiang Yao leaned on Mrs.

Jiangs shoulder.

“Mom, that Mrs.

Sun is not my biological mother.

I can tell you that with certainty.

If she comes again, call the police and tell her that if she wants to acknowledge her daughter, bring the real paternity test results.”

“What How can you be so sure” Mrs.

Jiang was confused.

“Dont worry about that for now.

I will tell you in the future.

If she continues to come and make trouble, she will say that Sun Xiaoshan has nothing to do with her.

If she says that Sun Xiaoshan is her sisters daughter, you will say that you dont believe her.

You think that Sun Xiaoshan is her biological daughter.

She came to me because she wanted money for her biological daughters treatment.

Then, she fancied the Lu familys money, so she said that I was her daughter.

Then, she will get money from my husband to treat her daughters illness.”

Jiang Yao continued to say, “If she doesnt admit it, you can threaten her.

She can do a paternity test.

Say that you have hair that Ive left at home, and you can take my hair and Sun Xiaoshans hair to the Jindo City Hospital for a test.

If the test says that Im Mrs.

Suns biological daughter, then you wont stop her from acknowledging me.”

“Is she really not your biological mother”


Jiang also wanted to confirm it.

“Dad, that woman is really not my biological mother,” Jiang Yao said with certainty.

“Xingzhi has found out some things recently.

We will tell you when the time comes.”



Jiang nodded and did not continue to ask.

“Then you go do whatever you need to do.

Your mother and I will be fine here.

Dont worry.”

With Jiang Yaos reassuring words, Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang did not have to worry about losing their daughter no matter where she went or what she did.

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