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Chapter 13: Its Just Four Years

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“Lu Xingzhi, you idiot! Whats with all the excuses Shes hiding from you, plain and simple!” Lu Yuqing growled irritatedly.

“Why are you so stupid Stupid enough to cover for her! Why”

“Sister! Thats enough! Shes my wife and this is between us, let us mind our own business.

Im going to say this one last time.

If she wants to go to Nanjiang, then just let her go to Nanjiang.

I dont have a problem with it, why are you being so nosy about our affairs” Lu Xingzhi growled at Yuqing as he was getting impatient and agitated by his sister.


Lu could see that Lu Xingzhi was simply playing dumb.

How could Lu Xingzhi not know about his wifes real intention He knew but he did not want to admit it.

Not only that, he was trying to find excuses for Jiang Yao as he did not want his family to blame her for her waywardness.

“What about you” Mr.

Lu looked at Lu Xingzhi and asked.

“What about me” Lu Xingzhi regained his attention and understood his fathers question.

“Its just four years.

The time will pass before we know it.

Four years later, she will get older and more mature, and she can come to the north to search for a job.

This will put me more at ease.”

Lu Xingzhi took a slice of watermelon and handed it to Jiang Yao while teasing her, “Anyway, the person who has just said she misses me earlier in the morning will be going to Nanjiang soon.

Im afraid this is the beginning of our long-distance relationship.

What if you miss me again We wont be able to meet as frequently as we do now.”

His stern and rough tone transformed this amusing tease into a serious remark.

Lu Xingzhi was always a serious person, and it was perhaps the first time he had ever teased someone.

Feeling the awkwardness after saying those words, he shrugged uncomfortably and bowed his head, pretending to read the newspaper.

“Hmph, do you really think that you are so special to her Shes probably flattered hearing you say that!” Lu Yuqing was really angry.

She stomped her feet and pulled her mother to the kitchen.

She finally realized how foolishly in love her brother was.

He was fascinated by Jiang Yao and listened to every enchanting word she said.

After Lu Yuqing and their mother went to the kitchen, Lu Xingzhi reached over to take a slice of watermelon and handed it to Jiang Yao.

“Since you want to go to Nanjiang so badly, go as you please.

Come, eat the watermelon.

Lunch will be ready soon.”

When Lu Xingzhi spoke again, he sounded ever so natural and calm, as if he did not mind the whole matter regarding the letter of admission at all.

He picked up the letter from the floor with his hand that wasnt drenched with water, patted the dust off it, and placed it in front of Jiang Yao.

“Keep this well.

I dont think Ill be able to come back when you start school, so let your eldest brother accompany you for the registration.”

Jiang Yao stared at the red-colored letter.

Overwhelming remorse and regret filled her heart until it skipped a beat.

It would be great if she could be reborn to the day when she was filling up the application form.

Then, when she went off to college, they could meet every weekend and on holidays.

“After lunch, take a trip to Jiang Village and tell the in-laws about the great news.

I bet theyll be very delighted and proud when they hear about your admission to Nanjiang Medical University! Jiang Yao, I think you are the first and only female college student in your village, if I recall correctly Are any of your classmates in the village admitted to a key university too Ask around when youre there.

If there are any who are, you can register together,” Mr.

Lu said.

He had a generous and broad temper.

As a father, he knew what kind of character his son had, just how stubborn and persistent he was.

He also knew how much Jiang Yao meant in his heart.


Lu sincerely thought that Jiang Yao was actually a good kid, but she was too young to understand marriage and adapt to the married life.

When she grew older, she would come to it.

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