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Brother Liang realized that Wen Yunfangs friend did not seem to want to stop him.

Furthermore, they looked silly, so he did not explain further.

He carried Wen Yunfang anxiously and left.

Brother Liang met Brother Sheng at the movie theater entrance.

Brother Sheng had been angry, but when he saw Wen Yunfang clinging to Brother Liang, he immediately became excited.

Jiang Yao watched as the two men took Wen Yunfang with them.

She stood there and watched for a few minutes before she patted her pocket and left.

Since Sister Wen said that she wanted Lu Xingzhi to do something, it would be a while before she would let him go home.

After Jiang Yao returned to the house, only she and the maid were there, and she was the only one eating lunch.

Jiang Yao was bored.

In the evening, she walked around the places that she could go..

Even if she did not go into the rooms, she could still see everything in the main building.

The main building had a basement, and the basement led to the outside of the house.

The exit was an unremarkable grocery store across the street.

Brother Ding was a cunning rabbit.

Perhaps only a few of his confidants knew about that basement, including the underground passage.

Jiang Yao was not even sure if Ah Zhu knew about it.

That underground passage was an escape route for Brother Ding.

If it were not for her sudden inspiration to comb through the main building and discover that secret, perhaps Brother Ding would be able to escape through that passage one day when they wanted to arrest him.

She wanted to see where the passage led to, so Jiang Yao walked to the main entrance.

Lu Xingzhi followed Sister Wen out of the car and saw Jiang Yao standing there.

“Why are you standing here”

Sister Wen got out of the car and glanced at the person.

“Youre alone” She had wanted to ask why she was not with Wen Yunfang.

“Im waiting for you to come home,” Jiang Yao whispered to Lu Xingzhi with a bashful look in her eyes.

She slowly moved toward Lu Xingzhi and reached out to hold his arm.

It was as if she had missed him after only half a day.

Sister Wen snorted.

“A woman cant put her whole heart on a man.” She despised people who did not have a strong opinion and relied on a man for everything.

If she were like that, she would have starved to death on the streets with her daughter back then.

“Gu Junhui, Gu Changshu will have many things to do in the future, so he wont have time to accompany you every day.

What about you Are you going to stay at the main entrance every day and stare at him with eagerness Why dont you work with Yunfang” Sister Wen asked.

Lu Xingzhi answered bluntly, “Theres no need for that.

Ill earn money to support her and give her the best.

I did not bring her here to make her work.”

Sister Wen gave Gu Changshu a dark look when she heard his words.

She had to admit that Gu Changshu was a good man.

How many people in the world could be so confident enough to make such an oath to an outsider

Therefore, Sister Wen felt that her daughter had a good eye for Gu Changshu.

The man was honest.

If he fell in love with someone, he would treat her well.

However, it was such a pity.

Gu Junhui, that useless pig, had taken over such a good man.

Her daughter was a step too late.

If Wen Yunfang could marry Gu Changshu, she would feel at ease with her daughters choice.

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