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Chapter 1284: Im Going Home

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Jiang Yao was willing to bet that Wen Yunfang had been staring at her for 40 minutes after the movie had started.

She felt happy because Wen Yunfang thought that she was more exciting than the movie.

Jiang Yao suddenly stood up.

Wen Yunfang immediately asked, “Whats wrong”

“I drank too much cola.

Im going to the bathroom,” Jiang Yao shook her empty cup and replied in a low voice as if she was a little embarrassed.

“Ill go with you,” Wen Yunfang said.

“No need.

You didnt drink much, so you wont want to go.

When I came in, I saw the location of the washroom.

I know where it is.

Ill go alone..

The movie is very good.

Watch it.

When I come back, tell me about the scenes I missed,” Jiang Yao shook her head.

Then, she stood up and left.

Jiang Yao had already said that it was impossible for Wen Yunfang to follow her.

After Jiang Yao left, Wen Yunfang pushed the man next to her.

“Follow her and take a look.

Dont let her get lost.”

The man looked at Wen Yunfang suspiciously.

He wondered why Wen Yunfang would be so concerned about others.

However, when Brother Sheng thought about the beautiful woman who had gone to the washroom, he nodded and followed her.

Jiang Yao walked quickly.

When she was out of their sight, she ran straight to the ladies washroom.

When she heard Wen Yunfang calling for Brother Sheng to chase after her, she thought for a while in the washroom.

Then, she saw a woman in her 40s washing her hands.

She asked Moe to steal the womans wallet.

After Moe succeeded, Jiang Yao walked over and stopped the woman as she was about to leave.

She said, “Sister, I saw a shiny-haired man in white clothes and black pants steal your wallet.

I heard that many people dress up and come to places like the movie theater to steal.

You look wealthy.”

That woman did have some money.

Otherwise, she would not be in the mood to go shopping and watch a movie at her age.

As soon as she heard that her wallet was stolen, she immediately looked in her bag.

Her purse was gone.

She was so angry that she immediately rushed out of the bathroom.

She did not expect to run into the thief as soon as she stepped out of the bathroom.

The woman was very strong.

She grabbed Brother Sheng and scolded him.

Brother Sheng was confused and refused to admit it.

The two of them started arguing.

The argument lasted for five to six minutes.

Then, they were taken away by the movie theater staff for a further investigation.

Jiang Yao returned to her seat after Brother Sheng was taken away.

Wen Yunfang did not ask when she saw Jiang Yao return alone without Brother Sheng.

Even though she felt odd, she was afraid that Jiang Yao would notice it.

Jiang Yao watched the movie as if she was interested in it.

After a while, she heard a sound beside her and saw Brother Liang hugging Wen Yunfang.

Meanwhile, Wen Yunfang was leaning against Brother Liang and making an ambiguous sound.

Jiang Yao asked innocently, “Whats wrong with you guys”

“Yunfang and I still have some matters to attend to.

You can take your time and continue watching the move.” Wen Yunfangs sudden enthusiasm had provoked brother Liang.

“Are you guys going to work at the last minute” Jiang Yao asked.

Then, she muttered to herself, “Its no fun for me to watch this by myself.

Then, I wont watch anymore.

Im going home.”

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