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Chapter 1279: For The Sake Of Her Daughter

“Yes, no one is forcing you to like or accept it.” Lu Xingzhi comforted her softly.

As he looked at Jiang Yao crying miserably, his heart was filled with bitterness.

How could his wife cry so miserably

He wished he was the one who was involved in that matter.

Jiang Yao laid on Lu Xingzhis chest and sobbed for a few minutes before she finally calmed down.

Then, she moved away from Lu Xingzhi and laid on the side with a sullen face.

She asked, “What did you mean when you said Xie Qiuran and Xie Qiuxiang switched identities And what about Sun Xiaoshan Is she my sister”

“Sun Xiaoshan is older than you.

She should be your cousin.” Lu Xingzhi told Jiang Yao everything he found out about Xie Qiuxiang and Xie Qiuran in detail.

He did not leave any information behind.

“But Madam Chengs name is Xinyou.

I heard Master Cheng call her that.” Jiang Yao was confused.

She could tell that based on Lu Xingzhis findings, it was very likely that Madam Cheng was the real Xie Qiuran.

Madam Cheng could be her biological mother.

Apart from the confusion over Madam Chengs name, Jiang Yao also believed in that fact.

Master Chengs second son had looked very similar to her, and she looked like Madam Cheng.

“Madam Cheng might have changed her name.

There are two possible reasons for changing her name.

The first one was when she returned to Ping City, and she happened to meet Xie Qiuxiang, who had killed her husband.

Between Mrs.

Xies extreme favoritism and Xie Qiuxiangs selfishness, they must have bullied her into going to prison under Xie Qiuxiangs name.

She must have just returned to Ping City and did not know that many people.

She had nowhere to escape, so she was forced to be locked up in prison.

After that, Mrs.

Xie announced that she had severed all ties with her convict daughter, so she hated her mother and sister.

After she was released from prison, she changed her name and never returned to Ping City.”

That was one of the guesses.

“The other guess was that Xie Qiuran returned to Ping City in despair and learned that her father, who loved her the most, had passed away.

She must have met Xie Qiuran, who accidentally killed her husband, and Xie Qiuran also had a daughter who was crying for food.

She pitied her niece because she had also lost her daughter.

In addition, she might have been disappointed with the world because of her own issues, so she took the initiative to take her sisters place and go to prison.

Later, she learned that after she went to prison, her mother issued a statement that she had broken off all ties with her, and her sister and mother never went to visit her in prison.

After that, she was utterly disheartened and changed her name to marry Master Cheng after getting out of prison.

Jiang Yao scoffed.

“If Mrs.

Sun isnt my biological mother, then why did she go through so much trouble to investigate me and then acknowledge me as hers Perhaps she did not want to see her niece be left outside of the family I dont think that Mrs.

Sun is a kind person.

The way she looks at people gives people a very uncomfortable feeling.

Her eyes are like a scale.

Whenever she sees someone, its as if shes weighing that persons value.”

Then, Jiang Yao raised her head and looked at Lu Xingzhi.

She saw the same answer in Lu Xingzhis eyes.

“The Divine Doctor!”

That was all Jiang Yao could think of, and that was all Lu Xingzhi could think of too!

Lu Xingzhi said, “Mrs.

Sun was there because of Sun Xiaoshans health condition.

Sun Xiaoshans health is getting worse.


Sun must have known youre the Divine Doctors student, so she wants to acknowledge you as her daughter and ask you to get the Divine Doctor to treat Sun Xiaoshans illness.”

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