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Chapter 1277: I Dont Like Her

Jiang Yaos joke made the words that Lu Xingzhi wanted to say stop in his heart.

How disapproving and careless she was then, and how casually she had joked about that.

She would hurt when she learned the truth.

She could casually joke about that because she did not think that there was such a possibility at all.

She never assumed that she was related to those two people who looked so much like her.


Lu Xingzhis heart ached so much that he did not even dare to let out a sigh in case Jiang Yao heard him.

He could only keep the sigh in his heart.

His worry at that moment was the same as when he confirmed his guess the other day.

Xie Qiuran was Jiang Yaos biological mother.

Lu Xingzhi could not bring himself to tell her about that.

Would it be easy to say those words

However, that was Jiang Yao.

The person smiling back at him was his Yaoyao.

It was the same Yaoyao who had always said that she was the happiest person in the world.

She always said that she had the best parents in the world, two brothers who doted on, and a husband who loved her the most.


Lu Xingzhi pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly.

Then, he said softly, “What if I tell you that either Madam Cheng or Mrs.

Sun is your biological mother”

If Lu Xingzhis expression were not too grave, Jiang Yao would have thought it was a joke.

However, she could tell from Lu Xingzhis expression that he was not joking with her.


Sun brought Sun Xiaoshan and her husband to your hometown to look for your parents.

She wants to acknowledge you as her daughter.” Lu Xingzhi tightened his arms after he said that.

When he saw the shock in Jiang Yaos eyes, he wanted to reach out to cover them.

“Do you remember the story Xiaoxiao told you about the madman

“He is your biological father.


Sun took your hair and the madmans hair to do a paternity test.

The results showed that the two of you are father and daughter.

However, I changed the report.

I dont know why Mrs.

Sun is so sure that you are the child who was buried alive by that old woman.

“I did some research.

The crazy mans wifes name is Xie Qiuran, and Mrs.

Suns name is Xie Qiuran.

I took a photo of Xie Qiuran when she was young and asked the crazy mans old neighbor.

Everyone recognized her as the crazy mans wife.” Lu Xingzhi felt the body in his arms begin to tremble slightly.

He knew how cruel it was, but he still had to continue.

“After I brought you back to the army from Master Chengs place that day, I asked your eldest brother, and he admitted it.

He said that your parents picked you up from the mountains.”

“So Mrs.

Sun is my biological mother Im just an abandoned child picked up by my family So if it werent for my parents, I would have died in the mountains when I was young.” Jiang Yao clenched her teeth.

“Is that my sister, Sun Xiaoshan Or a younger sister I dont like Mrs.

Sun! I dont like her at all.

From the moment I saw her, I did not like her at all.”

Jiang Yaos tears had started to fall before she could finish her sentence.

“My parents love me so much, and my brother loves me so much.

How could I be someone they picked up from the mountains You must have investigated wrongly.” Jiang Yao buried her face in Lu Xingzhis chest.

Her tears started to fall like a dam.

They were so hot that they almost burned his heart.

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