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Chapter 1276: Why Are You Asking Me This

Lu Xingzhi had wanted to say no, but he knew that Jiang Yao was right.

At that time, Jiang Yao was not only his wife but also his comrade-in-arms.

He should believe in Jiang Yaos ability.

Furthermore, she had Moe to help her.

She was so confident then, so he could not undermine her.

No matter how bad it was, Ah Lu and Big Ke would also be in Shu City.

Lu Xingzhi had contacted them, so they were on their way to Shu City.

However, he did not want anyone to notice them, so they did not meet up.

Ah Lu and Big Ke would probably keep an eye on the house.

He knew that they would protect Jiang Yao.

However, there was still a problem.

“Wife, in the next two days, perhaps you can make a trip back to our hometown.” If it were possible, Lu Xingzhi would have wanted to accompany Jiang Yao home, but he knew that he might not be able to leave.

“Did something happen at home” That was Jiang Yaos first reaction.

Otherwise, Lu Xingzhi would not have suddenly said that.

“Whats wrong Did my second brother get into a fight in Yuan City and got his legs broken”

Lu Xingzhi saw Jiang Yaos serious expression and immediately smiled.

He shook his head and said, “Arent you afraid that your second brother will be sad when he hears that”

Jiang Yao giggled.

“Hes very easy-going, but he has a bad temper.”

Lu Xingzhi stopped laughing when he heard Jiang Yaos crisp laughter.

He looked at Jiang Yaos smile.

He was silent for a long time; he did not know how to Tell Jiang Yao about that.

How should he tell Jiang Yao about her background

“Wife, let me ask you a question.” Lu Xingzhi thought about it and decided to take a roundabout approach.

He got Jiang Yao to take off her slippers and let her lie down on the bed.

He looked like he wanted to chat with her.

Then, the first thing he did was take her hands and place them on his stomach to warm them up.

Jiang Yao was playing with Moe just now, so her hand was a little cold now.

“Ask away.” Jiang Yao nodded without thinking too much.

Then, her gaze fell on his hand, and she used her fingertips to scratch his palm to tease him.

Lu Xingzhi tightened his grip.

As he stopped her little movement, he asked, “How do you feel about Sun Xiaoshans mother Or rather, what do you think of her”

“Sun Xiaoshans mother” Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi strangely.

“Maybe she wasnt compatible with me.

I didnt like her the first time I saw her.”

Finally, Jiang Yao asked, “Why are you asking about her”

“What about Madam Cheng What do you think about Madam Cheng” Lu Xingzhi did not answer Jiang Yaos question but continued to ask.

“Madam Cheng” Jiang Yao recalled the person who looked almost exactly like her.

“Its so strange.

I have a feeling that when Im old, I might look like Madam Cheng as well because Im already too similar to her.”

Madam Cheng must have felt that the world was too wonderful too.

“But you are a little strange tonight.

Why are you suddenly asking me all this” Jiang Yao was suspicious and casually asked, “Dont tell me that Mrs.

Sun or Madam Cheng are my relatives Did my parents pick me up from somewhere Is one of them my biological mother or something”

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