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When the Jiang family, including Mr.

Lu and Mrs.

Lu, heard the tone of that womans voice, they knew that she had come with ill intentions.

That woman did not know how to be grateful.

She did not have the slightest bit of gratitude toward the Jiang family for raising Jiang Yao.


Sun sneered, “The Jiang family must have been blinded by lard.

My daughter was only in her second year of high school.

She was only 18 years old, and yet, you let her get married! If you care about her, how could you let her get married while shes still studying Your family keeps saying that you care about your child.

In the end, didnt you kick her out early because of the betrothal money You still dare to say that you care about her”

No one could refute her; Mrs.

Sun said, “Im not only here to take her away, but I also want her to have nothing to do with country bumpkins like you.

I want her to divorce her husband.

How can my daughter marry someone like your son Even if the Xie family is down and out, we are still a scholarly family..

Our descendants cant live like this!”


“You are such a wicked person!”


Jiang was so angry that she almost fainted.

The Lu family had given the Jiang family a very generous dowry.

Lu Xingzhi had also given them a sum of money.

However, Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang did not leave a single cent for themselves.

They were all used as Jiang Yaos dowry and returned to Jiang Yao.


Jiang was not so useless that he would use the dowry to support his familys expenses!

When Mrs.

Sun spoke, even Sun Xiaoshan and her father were shocked.

They did not expect Mrs.

Sun to offend Jiang Yaos family members as soon as she arrived.

Furthermore, she wanted Jiang Yao to divorce her husband

“Mom, dont be like that.”

Sun Xiaoshan advised her mother.

“Weve seen them.

Theyre very close, so why should they get a divorce They got married early, perhaps because they knew each other earlier.

Furthermore, the law states that a girl can get married when she turns 18.

Theyre not wrong.”


Sun did not snap back to his senses for a long time.

He looked at his wife in astonishment.

Before they came to the village, they had inquired about the couple.

Everyone said that the couple was very close, so Mr.

Sun was shocked that his wife would mention divorce to Jiang Yaos family members.

“Qiuran, dont act so rashly!” Mr.

Sun tried to stop her.

Jiang Yao and her husband were close.

Why would her biological mother break up the couple the first time they met Did she still want her daughter Was she trying to make enemies

Furthermore, it seemed like she had offended Jiang Yaos family.

If she were so petty, would she hate her daughter as well Did she want to cause a problem for Jiang Yao How would the child face her family in the future

“Lunatic! Get lost!” Mr.

Jiang looked around angrily, but he was unable to find a suitable tool.

He immediately picked up the stool and was about to throw it at the two elders from the Sun family.

He was so angry that he did not know what to say.

“Take your crippled daughter and get lost!”

“My daughter isnt crippled!” Mrs.

Sun shouted angrily.

“How dare you scold my daughter Ill beat you to death!”

Sun Xiaoshan was so scared that she cried.

She stood up and wanted to struggle, but her entire body began to tremble after only two steps.

Perhaps because she was frightened by that scene, her emotions fluctuated wildly.

She clutched her chest and fainted.

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