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Chapter 1268: Who Are You Looking For


Sun had already made up her mind.

When she found Jiang Yao, she would tell her that she was her mother, the woman who had given birth to her.

As for Sun Xiaoshan, she was her eldest sisters daughter.

She had lost her beloved daughter, and when she saw her eldest sister in prison, her heart ached for her niece.

So, she raised that weak and sickly girl as her own daughter.

It was not difficult to find Jiang Yaos identity, a university student.

She could go to the county town and ask the locals; they would know if there was such a person.

Therefore, when Mrs.

Sun arrived at Nanjiang Medical University, her heart was filled with excitement and anticipation.

“Who are you looking for Jiang Yao” The guard stopped her from entering the compound.

“Who are you to Jiang Yao”


Sun replied matter-of-factly, “Im her mother! Please let me go in to look for her, or you can speak to her for me.

I can wait for her at the entrance.”

Even though Mrs.

Sun knew that Jiang Yao was at Nanjiang Medical University, she did not know which was her dormitory, so she had to keep asking when she was there.

If the guard could help her look, then she would not bother to go in.

Instead, she was willing to wait at the entrance.

There were many people coming and going at the university entrance.

It was also a good place for her to meet her daughter.


Sun thought that if she said that she was Jiang Yaos mother, the guard would be happy to help her.

She did not expect the guard to stand up and spit at her.

“Liar! There are more and more liars these days, and their tricks are endless! If you were Jiang Yaos mother, wouldnt you know that she took a long leave and went out to study with her teacher”

The guard knew Jiang Yao.

She was an honor student and was eager to learn, and she was also the schools gem.

He felt honored to have known her.

“Recently, there have been many scammers like you, pretending to know Jiang Yao—relatives, such as their grandfather, father, brother, sister, and sister.

Countless scammers come here to find a daughter.

Dont you scammers know to change your tricks If you need help, you cant lie like that when you want to look for Jiang Yao!”


Sun was scolded while she was on her way out.

When she saw the guard about to call the police, she quickly ran away, but her heart was filled with hatred.

She only wanted to find Jiang Yao; why was it so difficult

It had not been easy for her to find Jiang Yaos school, but she was not even there.

She took an extended leave and went out to study with the teacher

How long is the leave of absence to study with the teacher That b*tch must be with the teacher! Too many young female students were not focusing on the right path!

No one in the Jiang and Lu families knew that Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi had gone on a mission together.

Jiang Yao took an extended leave of absence from school, so she said she would study with her teacher as an excuse.

The school approved her very quickly.

However, Jiang Yao did not expect that the Jiang family, who were far away in the small village, would have uninvited guests.

Jiang Lei had already settled down in Yuan City.

Jiang Jie and Wang Xian had already gone to work in the town.

The couple was not sure if they would stay in town or return to the village.

Therefore, there were only Mr.

and Mrs.

Jiang in the house.

They felt a little uneasy when they saw the family of three.

“Why are you here”


Jiang pretended to be calm as he looked at the mother and daughter duo he had met once in the Jindo City hotel.

The girl was still sitting in a wheelchair.

She seemed worse than the last time he saw her in Jindo City.

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