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Chapter 1267: Annoyed Her To Death

Wen Yunfang, who was in the hospital, knew that even the doctors were helpless and would only continue to say that it was because of the expensive skincare products she had obtained from abroad.

She was so angry that she beat up the two doctors.

If Sister Wen had not intervened, she would have shot and killed the two doctors.

Wen Yunfang was in the hospital, but her mood was like a ball of fire that kept on burning.

She had smashed everything she had at her disposal.

When Brother Ding came in, she pretended to be pitiful and begged her godfather to let Gu Changshu come to the hospital to see her.

Knowing that Brother Ding was soft-hearted, Wen Yunfang waited for Gu Changshu to come to the hospital to accompany her after Brother Ding left.

She did not expect Gu Changshu to arrive half an hour later, with his wife in tow.

Wen Yunfang felt as if a bullet had been shot into her heart when she saw the couple holding hands affectionately.

Yes, she was angry.

It had nothing to do with pain.

She felt that they had trampled on her face that day; she had lost all her dignity.

She had lost all that in front of the man she had fallen in love with, but that man seemed to have no feelings at all.

He even brought his wife to the hospital.

Was he trying to anger her because she was not angry enough

“Why did you bring your sister” Sister Wen was also angry when she saw that, so her tone became heavier.

Lu Xingzhi explained rigidly, “This is my wife, not my sister.

Wherever I go, she goes.

I told Brother Ding Id only let her stay at home alone when she gets familiar with Shu City.”

When she heard Gu Changshus profound explanation, Sister Wen knew that Gu Changshu did not fall in love with her daughter.

However, Sister Wen was not surprised.

After all, her daughter was hideous that day.

A man would not like Wen Yunfang when he saw her like that.

Furthermore, Sister Wen had to admit that Wen Yunfangs face was really pitiful, but she was the type that men liked.

It seemed that she could only wait for Wen Yunfang to recover before saying anything else.

“Then you guys stay here and talk to her.” Sister Wen ignored Gu Changshus explanation.

She did not give any reaction or response to that sentence.

“I dont talk to others,” Lu Xingzhi responded very smoothly.

Wen Yunfang was instantly enraged.

“Take your woman and get out of my sight!” Wen Yunfang shouted.

She was already annoyed, yet she still had to watch the man she fancied protect her love rival.

How could she not be heartbroken

After Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao left the hospital, the first thing they said to each other was, “Crazy!”

Jiang Yao snorted.

“Does she really think that all the men in the world revolve around her My man will let her know exactly how attractive she is! She can only attract fools.”

Was she jealous

Of course, it was jealousy.

Jiang Yao was so sour about it that she could end up with a pot of vinegar.

There was no other way.

It was heart-wrenching.

She had to face a woman who was eyeing her man covetously in the mission.

There were love rivals everywhere she went.

Why was Lu Xingzhi so popular

The sky finally showed signs of only light snow; it would stop soon.

After Mrs.

Sun left the prison empty-handed, she could only make a trip to Nanjiang City Medical University through the information she received from the small county town.

She was prepared to look for the girl named Jiang Yao personally to have a good chat as a relative.

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