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Chapter 1260: Moving In

Lu Xingzhi did not understand what Moe was saying, but when he heard Jiang Yao talking to Moe, he knew that they were chatting.

His face was bruised and swollen, so his expression was not noticeable.

However, he felt uncomfortable when he thought about a latrine staring at him.

“Wife, give me a kiss.” Since he and Jiang Yao were the only ones in the ward, Lu Xingzhi did not have any scruples when he spoke.

Even though Ah Zhu had placed a person there to keep an eye on him in the hospital, that person was afraid that he would be discovered.

He did not even come close to the ward, so naturally, he could not hear what Lu Xingzhi said to Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao knew that Lu Xingzhi was in a bad mood, but she smacked her lips twice and looked at Lu Xingzhis face.

She was in a difficult position.

“If its hard to say, forget it.”

The man, who was already upset, felt even more unhappy when he heard his wife despised him.

He directly pulled her down and gave her a wolf kiss.

He said fiercely, “Dont scorn me!”

Jiang Yao held her belly and laughed.

She raised her hand and touched Lu Xingzhis face gently.

She did not say anything to make Lu Xingzhi feel even more upset.

Instead, she took some ointment and applied it to Lu Xingzhis bruises.

The next day, the doctor decided to discharge him from the hospital.

When Ah Zhu heard the news, he sent someone to fetch the two of them from the hospital.

Then, he brought Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi to the rental house to pack up their things and move to the main house.

Ah Zhu was not spouting nonsense when he said that the main house was luxurious.

Brother Ding had many kinds of business in his hands.

Therefore, he earned money quickly, so his life was very comfortable.

As soon as Moe entered the main house, he took the medicinal powder that Jiang Yao gave him and fumbled inside.

That medicinal powder would melt as soon as it came into contact with the air.

It was colorless and tasteless.

However, once a persons skin touched it, red bumps and blisters would immediately appear.

Moe carried with him the arduous task of finding Wen Yunfang so that she would not be able to go out that day.

The room that Ah Zhu had arranged for Lu Xingzhi and his wife was on the same floor as his, but there was another room in the middle.

It was a villa, and the people staying there were all Brother Dings subordinates, but they were also divided into different levels.

Confidence-seekers like Ah Zhu naturally stayed in the best room.

There were many rooms on that floor, but Ah Zhu was the only one who stayed there.

Although Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao were new arrivals, no one had dared to say a word when they moved to the best floor.

“There are people who clean the house every day, and there are also servants.

Whenever you are hungry and want to eat anything, just tell them.

I didnt lie to you, right Isnt life here delightful Just reach your hand outward, and youll get everything.”

“Its a bit like watching a movie.” Jiang Yao played a country bumpkin who had just entered the city; everything was new to her.

She touched everything as she sighed discreetly.

The house for the servants was a lovely villa, but what about Brother Dings home

Brother Ding was so rich!

However, when she thought about how Brother Dings way of earning money was through destroying other peoples lives and families, Jiang Yao felt that such a luxurious house was full of vulgarities.

Wen Yunfang was Brother Dings adopted daughter, and her mother was Brother Dings woman, so she naturally lived in the main building.

When she heard the servants say that Gu Changshu and his wife had moved in, Wen Yunfang immediately got up and chose the most beautiful and sexiest dress in the wardrobe.

She applied makeup in front of the mirror.

Then, she went straight to the building where Ah Zhu lived.

The building where Ah Zhu was staying was the closest building to the main building in the entire compound.

It was less than 200 meters away.

Wen Yunfang was walking elegantly in her high heels when she suddenly felt a white shadow passing in front of her eyes.

She was so scared that her face turned pale, and she almost lost her balance.

However, when she snapped back to her senses and looked around, she found nothing around her.

There were no other footprints on the ground.

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