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Chapter 1259: Fancied By A Latrine

When Ah Zhu mentioned that Wen Yunfang, he did not hide his displeasure, “Young Miss really thinks that she is Brother Dings daughter.

In fact, she doesnt even think about it.

Brother Ding and Sister Wen have been together for a long time.

If Brother Ding really loves her, how could he not even mention marrying her No one in the countryside would get a marriage certificate.

They would throw a ceremony and consider it done.

Brother Dings real wife has ignored him for a long time, perhaps more than ten years.

If Brother Ding really wants to marry Sister Wen, its just a matter of having a wedding dinner in Shu City.

But after so many years, Brother Ding still hasnt shown the slightest hint of that intention.”

After Ah Zhu finished speaking, he patted Gu Changshus shoulder earnestly.

“Changshu, let me remind you.

Nowadays, its not easy to find a woman who would pour her heart out to you.

You cant be stupid.

If you disagree, Brother Ding cant force you to marry Young Miss.

So you have to control yourself.”

“I will never let my wife down.” Lu Xingzhi held Jiang Yaos hand tightly.

“Junhui, dont worry.

I wont let you down.”

“I know.”

Ah Zhu clapped his hands.

“Young Miss knows how to earn money, but its not a good idea to marry her.

You just arrived at Shu City and didnt know that she—”

Ah Zhu shook his head.

He almost used the word disgusting to describe her.

“She is a young woman, but she is very wild.

She has had a man by her side since she was 16 years old.

Over the past four to five years, every good-looking man in Shu City has slept with her.

To put it bluntly, even the women in the nightclub are more decent than her.”

Jiang Yao was still in shock, and her heart was throbbing.

How dare such a woman try to snatch her man from her

On the other hand Lu Xingzhi felt disgusted; it was as if a latrine had taken a fancy to him.

“Although Shu City cant be compared to other cities, there are still quite a number of influential families here.

If the parents really care about their son, they wouldnt let him marry Young Miss.

Although marrying her will certainly allow the man to build a relationship with Brother Ding, Young Miss had a terrible reputation in Shu City.

Thats why she hasnt gotten engaged even though she was already 21 years old.

She doesnt like any of the men because she knows they were there because of Brother Ding.

She doesnt like any of the government officials either.”

Not only did Jiang Yao look down on Wen Yunfangs wild personality, but she also looked down on people like Brother Ding.

“After you move into the main house tomorrow, dont contradict Young Miss because Sister Wen can hold a grudge.

Young Miss is even more petty.

But dont be afraid of offending her if you dont want to marry her.

Brother Ding is not the kind of person who listens to a womans honeyed words.

Follow Brother Dings lead.

You just have to be loyal to him and try your best to do what he tells you to.” After Ah Zhu finished his sentences, he was relieved.

Then he decided to leave.

Jiang Yao sent Ah Zhu to the stairs before turning back.

As soon as she closed the door, her face darkened.

The thought of a woman thinking about her man made her furious.

Moe got out of her coat pocket, wagged his tail, and waved his white claws.

“Meow! Kill that woman!”

“Go away!” Jiang Yao glanced at Mo, who had an aggressive look on his face.

She could not kill people directly, but it would be easy for her to deal with that woman after moving into the main house.

Moe went back into Jiang Yaos pocket, only showing his tail toward her.

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