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Chapter 1254: Gouge Your Eyes Out

Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao pretended not to know about Brother Ding.

However, when Jiang Yao poured some water for Ah Zhu, she also enthusiastically poured a cup for Brother Ding.

However, she snorted at the foreman and did not even give him a sip of water.

“Young man, Im sorry.

I was wrong yesterday.

Ill apologize to you and compensate you.

Ill even pay for your hospitalization.

Here are a hundred bucks; I hope you wont mind the amount.” The foreman knew there was a sword hanging above his head.

It was even scarier than the weapon in Ah Zhus hand yesterday.

After all, Brother Ding was watching from the side.

If he said anything wrong, he would be the one to die.

Lu Xingzhi took the money without much hesitation.

Then, he said, “If you look at my wife again, Ill dig your eyes out!”

The foreman was so scared that his neck shrank, and he quickly looked down at the ground.

He could not control his eyes.

He liked looking at beautiful girls.

He could not control himself and forgot that he was there to apologize.

Ah Zhu and Brother Ding stood next to him.

“Enough, get lost.”

Then, Ah Zhu said, “Changshu, thats right.

Dont have anything against money.

Youve suffered and been beaten.

If you dont take the money, then youre stupid.

You cant go against money.”

Ah Zhu was afraid that Gu Changshus stubborn temper would look down on the 100 bucks that the foreman had paid.

Gu Changshu smiled helplessly.

“If I had money, I wouldnt even look at that 100 bucks.

I dont have money now, but I still have a wife.

And since I dont have money, I cant refuse the money.”

Then, Brother Ding interrupted him.

“You are right.

You cant be too rigid.

You have to look at the situation.

When you dont have money, you have to be flexible.

When you have money, you cant be short-sighted and only focus on that money.

If you have money, you should kill that foreman today.”

Lu Xingzhi looked at Ah Zhu as if he had just noticed that the man had brought an extra person.

He asked, “Is this your friend What he said made a lot of sense and touched my heart.

If it werent for the fact that I have no money, I would have killed him for how he treated my wife yesterday.

I dont have anything in my life.

Only my wife is more important than my own life.”

At that point, Lu Xingzhi looked humiliated.

“He could insult me, but he just—”

“Its okay.

Work well with us from now onward.” Brother Ding looked satisfied.

He liked people with integrity and perhaps even ruthless, but he was afraid that such a person would be difficult to control.

Therefore, a person who had killed another person and been in prison was simply the best choice for him.

Gu Changshu, who had a weakness, was simply the best choice for him.

Such a person would not be sloppy when they do things; they would not have second thoughts.

That was because Gu Changshus wife was a weak and gentle girl.

She was also a simple and gullible girl.

As long as he controlled Gu Changshus weakness, it was the same as having control over Gu Changshu.

He was not afraid that Gu Changshu would not want to work hard for him.

“Oh, look at me.

I have been concentrating on your wounds that I forgot to tell you.” When Ah Zhu saw Brother Ding talking to Gu Changshu, he patted his head in annoyance.

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