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Chapter 1250: Money Isnt A Problem

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Why was she anxious about the reason Ah Zhu was not there yet

Ah Zhu had sent people to follow her and Lu Xingzhi.

If something happened to them, his men would definitely inform him.

Logically speaking, Ah Zhu should have rushed over immediately.

If Ah Zhu still did not appear, would Lu Xingzhi be beaten to death Did he do all that for nothing

Just as Jiang Yao was about to explode from anxiety, Ah Zhu finally appeared.

As soon as she saw the man, Jiang Yao looked as if she had seen the savior and immediately ran over to Ah Zhu.

She hurriedly pleaded with him.

“Brother Ah Zhu, please save Brother Changshu.

They are about to beat Brother Changshu to death!”

Jiang Yao cried so much that her tears were like pear blossoms.

Ah Zhus heart softened when he saw that.

His men quickly dispersed the crowd and led Lu Xingzhi out..

The man was badly injured, and his face was severely bruised.

He even kicked the foreman, who was standing to the side with a furious scowl on his face.

The foreman knew Ah Zhu.

In other words, there were not many people in Shu City who did not know Ah Zhu.

When he saw Ah Zhu was there with his men, his heart skipped a beat.

He thought,This is not good.

Are those two foreigners with Ah Zhu”

“Its fine.

Ill seek justice for you.” Ah Zhu comforted the woman who was crying pitifully.

Then, he walked forward and slapped the foremans head.

“How dare you touch my friends”

Ah Zhu was not as gentle with the man as when he was talking to Jiang Yao.

He slapped the foreman, again and again, causing him to beg for mercy.

Jiang Yao hugged Lu Xingzhi and looked at his troubled face.

She did not need to fake her tears.

Jiang Yao scanned Lu Xingzhis body.

He was not seriously injured.

He was not stupid—he knew to protect his vital organs, but his injuries were not light either.

Her heart ached for him.

Lu Xingzhi had gone all out to get Ah Zhu there and acquire the mans trust.

However, Jiang Yao had to admit that Lu Xingzhis anger originated from the frivolity and disrespect the foreman had shown her.

Jiang Yao could feel Lu Xingzhis murderous intent the moment he attacked.

At that moment, he had probably wanted to kill that foreman.

After Ah Zhu taught that foreman a lesson, he took Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi to Shu Citys hospital so that Lu Xingzhi could get treatment for his injuries.

When Ah Zhu returned, he saw Gu Changshu, who was about to be discharged, and Gu Junhui was still crying.

“Whats wrong Sister, dont cry.

Your eyes are like a faucet.

Why cant you turn them off when you turn them on Didnt the doctor say that its nothing serious and that you can go back after being hospitalized for two days for observation ”

“Brother Changshu insisted on getting discharged.

Hes afraid of spending money.” Jiang Yao became sadder the more she cried.

“Will he be alright Im so scared.”

Ah Zhu turned around to persuade Gu Changshu.

He said, “Brother, look at how worried your wife is.

Money is important, but its not as important as your health.

Just spend some money to buy some peace of mind for your wife.

If you dont have enough cash on you, its okay.

Ill help you pay first.

You can pay me back later.

Money is not important.

Youre staying in the hospital.

When I return, Ill get that man to apologize to you.

He was the one who caused those injuries, so its only right that he paid for them.

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