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Chapter 1246: Already Released From Prison

Some inmates who had completed their terms in other locations would be transferred back to their hometown to be supported by local public security authorities in continuing to investigate the possibilities of that individual committing crimes in the future.

There might even be a follow-up investigation after the prisoner had completed their term.


Sun reasoned that as long as the prison guard was willing, he would be able to find something about that prisoner in recent years.

When he saw the money, the prison guards initially irritated attitude changed.

He said, “Okay, sit here and wait.

I will go check it out.

Oh, I see! Youre looking for Xie Qiuxiang, right”

“Yes, indeed! Thats her name! Thank you, officer.” Mrs.

Sun immediately thanked him.

She sat down and began to wait impatiently.


Sun believed that the hospitals results were not wrong.

That woman must have cheated on her husband and gave birth to another mans daughter.

Jiang Yao was strikingly identical to them.

It was not something she could ignore.


Sun was confident that the girl named Jiang Yao was that womans child.

She did not have to wait long for the prison officer to come back.

He arrived empty-handed.

“What is your relationship with Xie Qiuxiang” he inquired casually as he closed the door.


Sun was taken aback before she said, “Sister.”

The prison guard looked at Mrs.


“Biological sibling You havent visited Xie Qiuxiang, who has been imprisoned for many years, even though you are biological sisters You didnt know she has been out of prison for almost ten years”

“What exactly do you mean More than a decade” Mrs.

Suns face trembled.

“Wasnt she sentenced to fifteen years in prison How did she get out of prison for more than ten years”

“Well, shes been out of prison for ten years and three months.

Doesnt that mean more than ten years No relatives had ever visited her during her five-year stint here.

She did well, so she was released early.

So you understand what Im saying.

Her 15-year jail sentence was changed to five brief years,” the prison guard said diplomatically.

It meant that someone in the higher up had helped her; that was why she was released early.

She left the country after that, and no one knew what happened to her or if she was even alive.


Sun had no idea how she got out of the prison guards office.

In a nutshell, she had arrived with excitement but departed with a chill down her spine.

The person who was to be imprisoned for 15 years had been released in less than five.

She had not returned to her ancestral home, either.

Instead, she had left the country.


Sun could not figure out how she did it.

Where did she get the contacts that allowed her to be released from prison so early Where did she acquire the money to flee the country so soon after being freed from prison

Why was it so different from what she had expected She had not seen her in years and assumed she was still imprisoned there.

Facts told her that that person had left the country for a long time.

Had she gone to enjoy a prosperous life in another country


Sun had no idea that the prison officer spat on her name in the workplace when she departed.

He turned around and told his coworkers, “Shes her biological sibling.

When Xie Qiuxiang was here, she did not have any visits from her relatives.

None of her family members visited her while she was imprisoned in her hometown too.

She traveled abroad after being freed from prison.

She has a lovely life with Master Cheng and keeps it a secret from her family.

She must harbor resentment for her family.

It has been more than ten years since that woman looked for her.

What is the point Even if she were here to pick her up, she was still too late!”

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