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After a few rings, someone at the other end of the line finally picked up the call and a hoarse voice resonated into her ear.

Although the voice was a little distorted through the phone, Jiang Yao could recognize the voice in an instant.

“Its me! I got the phone!” Jiang Yao screamed ecstatically.

“I dont have to go to the convenience store to use the phone anymore!”

“I know.”

Zhou Weiqi called him five minutes ago to update him, but he could instantly recognize the phone number too as he had personally picked the number.

The last four digits of both their phone numbers were the same.

However, he felt his heart filled with warmth and pleasure when he heard Jiang Yao speaking to him in such a happy tone.

“How are you at school Is everything okay”

It was Jiang Yaos first day at college, but Lu Xingzhi had been worried for an entire night.

She had never traveled far before, thus, he had a lot of concerns for her when she was left alone in an unfamiliar place by herself.

He was afraid that she might not get along well with her roommates and coursemates, or that she was not used to the food at school.

Most importantly, he was worried that the immature young dudes would pursue his beautiful and kind wife!

“Everything is fine, my roommates are very good too,” Jiang Yao answered while thinking inside her,At least I get along better with them now than in my previous life.

Then, she recalled the wedding that Zhou Weiqi had mentioned.

She wasnt sure if Lu Xingzhi didnt tell her earlier because he didnt want her to go along or if he had simply forgotten.

After a moment of hesitation, she asked curiously, “Zhou Weiqi said that you would be attending a friends wedding on National Day, am I right” She then quickly added, in case Lu Xingzhi thought that she wanted to tag along, “He told me that the wedding will be on the 1st.

Should I book my ticket on the 2nd, then Ill visit you in the base on the 2nd.”

Lu Xingzhis expression stiffened in a gloomy way when he heard Jiang Yaos remark.

He stood on the training field, looking up at the dazzling sun and kicking the grass under his feet irritatingly, and then said, “You dont want to attend my friends wedding with me Why”

He was so agitated that he wanted to look for Zhou Weiqi and give him a piece of his mind.

What did he babble to Jiang Yao

Lu Xingzhi had kept the wedding secret because he was concerned that she wasnt interested to mingle with his friends, so when she came to the base as planned, she had to follow him despite her lack of interest.

Jiang Yao knew that Lu Xingzhi had misunderstood her as soon as she heard his remark spoken in a slightly agitated tone.

He didnt forget to tell her about it—instead, he didnt tell her because he was afraid that she was going to say no.

Both of them were guessing each others thoughts but they had interpreted them wrongly.

Hence, Jiang Yao chuckled gently and said, “If you want me to be your plus one, I will! I just thought that you didnt tell me because you thought that Id bring you shame and embarrassment.”

“Huh!” Lu Xingzhi huffed a rare laugh.

He looked up at the scorching sun again, but this time, it felt very pleasant and comfortable.

“Ill take you with me.”

He was so eager and desperate to show everyone in the world that Jiang Yao was his wife!

“What about my outfit for the wedding” Jiang Yao asked, “Your friends are rich and powerful, I bet the wedding reception must be extraordinary too.

Should I wear a dress or something”

“Dont worry about it, I just need you to be here.” Lu Xingzhi paused, and continued, “Frankly, they are not my friends.

Remember to address them properly when you come, the groom is my Big Brother.”

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