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Chapter 1240: Dont Tease Me

As soon as Brother Ding finished speaking, the private room fell silent for a few seconds.

Then, Ah Zhu and the others took turns toasting him.

They wished Brother Ding everything he wanted so that he could lead them up the ladder step by step.

Once the wine was served, the people in the private room stopped talking about serious matters.

Then, Jiang Yao turned her attention to their dishes on the table.

Lu Xingzhi realized that Jiang Yao had snapped back to her senses, so he pointed at the bowl of porridge in front of her.

“Have some porridge.

It seems like the dishes here are all very spicy.”

Lu Xingzhi had never been to Shu City, so he did not expect the food to be that spicy.

When he looked at the names on the menu, he did not expect it to be spicy either.

He realized that Jiang Yao could only eat the porridge when the food was served.

“Lets go to the nearby market to see if we can get some vegetables.

Ill cook supper for you.”

Jiang Yao nodded, but she could not resist the aroma of the dishes on the table.

She used her chopsticks to taste the broth on the plate in front of her.

After a few seconds, her whole face wrinkled.

She quickly picked up the cup on the table and gulped the sweet tea.

Jiang Yaos behavior amused Lu Xingzhi.

She was like a greedy little cat.

He had told her that it was spicy, and she still wanted to eat it.

In the end, it was too spicy for her.

“Dont gloat.” Jiang Yao glared at Lu Xingzhi unhappily.

She did not even dare to take the tea away from her mouth when she spoke.

Lu Xingzhis taste was the opposite of hers.

She liked to eat light and stewed dishes, but Lu Xingzhi enjoyed braised pork and deep-fried food.

He also loved spicy food.

However, Lu Xingzhi had accommodated her tastebuds at home, so she enjoyed every meal at home.

When she realized that the dishes were mainly Lu Xingzhis favorites, Jiang Yao nudged Lu Xingzhi with the teacup in her hand and giggled.

“I heard that kissing can relieve the spiciness.”

Then, she pouted at Lu Xingzhi.

“Kiss me.”

Lu Xingzhis temples throbbed.

“Who told you that kissing can relieve spiciness”

After a pause, he gritted his teeth and said, “Dont tease me! Otherwise, youll have to bear the consequences tonight!”

Jiang Yao grinned.

“A book said that.

Wen Xuehui and the others had read such a book in the dormitory.

They even asked me if it were true.

Unfortunately, I dont eat spicy food, so I havent tried it.

This is a rare opportunity.

Give it a try.

Next time, Ill know the answer when they ask me.”

Lu Xingzhi glanced at Jiang Yao, who had a wicked smile on her face.

Then, he quietly picked up a piece of chili and put it into his mouth without changing his expression.

He chewed it for a few seconds before swallowing it.

He put down his chopsticks and attempted to kiss Jiang Yaos pouty little mouth.

Jiang Yao was shocked and quickly dodged him.

Then, she obediently lowered her head and drank the porridge.

She could not play any tricks on him.

Lu Xingzhi was more cunning than anyone else when it came to tricks.

She envied Lu Xingzhi, who could eat chilis without changing his expression.

What a joke! He had swallowed the chili.

If he continued to kiss her like that, she would probably have to go to the bathroom to drink cold water to survive it.

It was not unreasonable for Brother Ding to like Ah Zhu.

The man was very poised in doing things.

Brother Ding had just given the order in the private room, and by the time Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi left the restaurant, a few men were ready to follow them.

However, those men had not been specially trained.

Their tracking skills were a little weak.

Even someone like Jiang Yao, who had been paying attention to the scenery along the road the entire time, had noticed them, let alone someone like Lu Xingzhi, who was like a high-level radar.

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