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Chapter 1235: Quick-witted

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When neither of them seemed to mind, Ah Zhu felt much more at ease.

He thought that Gu Changshu and Gu Junhui were quite easy to get along with.

They did not have bad tempers and were not picky.

They seemed to be very pragmatic, and they also looked like they were determined to make a lot of money.

“Brother Ding is not here for two days, so he doesnt have time to visit you.

You two can stay here for now.

Take a walk around Shu City.” Ah Zhu looked at the two of them.

Perhaps he was afraid that the two of them would be anxious, so he comforted them again.

“Brother Ding likes people like Changshu, so as long as there are no other problems, he will definitely allow the two of you to stay here.

If theres nothing else, then Ill go first.

Ill leave you my cell phone number.

If theres anything, you can call me.

Theres a snack bar downstairs with a public phone.”

Ah Zhu took a pen and paper, left his phone number, and left.

Lu Xingzhi asked Jiang Yao if she wanted to go to the bathroom.

When Jiang Yao shook her head, he held her hand and returned to their room.

There was a double bed in the room.

A new quilt had been laid on it.

Ah Zhu had probably prepared it in advance.

“Xing…” Jiang Yao was about to open her mouth when Lu Xingzhi suddenly made a hissing gesture at her and pointed to the room next door.

When Lu Xingzhi followed Ah Zhu, he noticed the curtain behind the window next door shook slightly.

Clearly, someone was standing behind the curtain, and he could also feel their gaze.

However, Lu Xingzhi was not sure if it was a curious neighbor or someone that Brother Ding had specially arranged to observe him and Jiang Yao.

According to the information, Brother Ding was a very vigilant person.

It was not without reason that he could climb from the bottom to his position in those years.

He was very vigilant in his actions, and he also had some leeway when dealing with others.

Jiang Yao understood him.

Then, she and Lu Xingzhi began to inspect the room casually.

After confirming that there were no high-tech gadgets like a mic, the two of them sat down on the bed.

“Even though Ah Zhu looks like a straightforward young man, his mind is too active.

If it were the real Gu Junhui, she might really be impressed by Ah Zhus warm and straightforward personality.

She would probably regard him as someone she could trust.” Jiang Yao clicked her tongue.

Although Ah Zhu had talked a lot with her and Lu Xingzhi along the way, he did not reveal any useful information.

He said they would be friends in the future.

However, Ah Zhu did not disclose any information about how Brother Ding would observe her and Lu Xingzhi.

He would help Gu Changshu and Gu Junhui for the sake of Xiao Xing, but he would not blindly help them because of his friends friends.

As he could go from a penniless country boy to Brother Dings right-hand man and a person who lived a luxurious life like that, he must have his own way of doing it.

Jiang Yao did not dare to underestimate any of the people she would come into contact with in the future.

“Rest for a while.

Ill bring you something to eat for dinner.” Lu Xingzhi listened to Jiang Yaos words but smiled without saying a word.

He waited for her to finish speaking before touching her face.

“Ive eaten train food for a few days..

Sorry to trouble you, but Ill use your mothers money to get you something good tonight.”

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