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Chapter 1232: A Girl With Ambition

However, Ah Zus father was useless.

He drank every day, got drunk every day, and did not do any work.

He became a burden to his family.

When Ah Zu was young, his father got drunk and broke Ah Zus leg.

The childs uncles and aunts did not agree to spend any money to save Ah Zus leg.

So, the childs grandmother carried Ah Zu to someone in the village who knew how to fix bones.

Unfortunately, it was not repaired correctly, so Ah Zus right leg had a limp.

Ah Zu did not go to school.

He stayed at home and worked non-stop daily.

His uncles wanted Ah Zu to do all his fathers work.

Ah Zus grandmother passed away when Ah Zu was 20 years old.

Then, Ah Zu left the village to find work elsewhere.

He accidentally met Brother Ding, and then followed him around for so many years.

Ah Zu left his village with only a few cents in his pocket.

He did not even tell anyone that he had left.

No one in his family had looked for him.

About two years ago, he brought the money he had earned in the past few years to his hometown and built a new house there.

He became the envy of everyone in the village.

Perhaps his childhood experiences made him especially hard and tired, so he liked to show off whenever he met anyone.

After leading Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao into the taxi, he sat in the front passenger seat and turned his body to continue talking to the two people in the back seat.

Azu smiled very proudly.

“In our line of work, money is not a problem if you can work hard! Has Xiao Xing told you about me When I was living at home, my uncles and aunts did not treat me like a human being.

I had to wake up earlier than chickens, sleep later than the dogs, do more work than the cows, and eat less than the birds.

Still, they shouted at me all day long.

Whenever I was unhappy, they would beat and scold me.

Now, they dont dare to do that to me.

They will treat me like a Buddha and wont dare speak loudly when Im there.

If I tell them to laugh, they wont dare to cry!”

Jiang Yao said, “Its their fault for not treating you well in the past! Brother Ah Zu, when we make a lot of money with you, I want to return to my hometown with Brother Changshu in the same glorious way as you did.

I also want to let my uncles and grandmother see my proud face!”

“Hey! Sister, you are ambitious!” Ah Zus heart melted when Jiang Yao called him Brother Ah Zu in such a soft voice.

“Dont worry.

Youll make a lot of money! Those people in my village have been begging me to bring them here to make some money, but I didnt bring any of them.

Do you know why Because when I was in the village, none of them treated me well.

They were all laughing at me.

I will always remember that my grandmother was the only one who treated me well.

Its a pity that she died early; she didnt have the chance to enjoy life with me.”

Ah Zus voice sounded a little choked up at the mention of his grandmother.

“Shes such a good person, but she hasnt enjoyed a single day of happiness.”

“Brother Ah Zu, I really envy you.

You have a grandmother who treats you so well, unlike my grandmother.

She has never doted on me.” Jiang Yao looked upset.

Then, Jiang Yao continued in a lighter tone, “Brother Ah Zu, dont be sad.

Your grandmother doted on you not because she wanted a happy life with you.

She doted on you without any ulterior motives.

She would definitely be happy for you if she knew that you are doing well now.”

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