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Chapter 123: The NicknameHubby in Her Contact List

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Suddenly realizing that he was spilling too much about her negatively, Zhou Weiqi observed Jiang Yaos reaction gingerly and added, slightly embarrassed, “Jiang Yao, my Brother Lu is a very nice guy, so why didnt you treat him better back then Did you know that because of your lack of care, he always wandered around the base with a long face He was like Hades!” When Jiang Yao glanced at him, he hurriedly clarified, “I didnt start it, it was his fellows in the army who called him that!”

“Huh, you hate it when someone badmouths about him, eh! You two are two peas in a pod! So protective of each other!” Zhou Weiqi snorted.

“Why didnt you treat him better then”

Jiang Yao didnt know how Lu Xingzhi had spent the last year.

It was very obvious that she avoided him at all cost, he wouldve known it, but still, why did Lu Xingzhi like her so much He was so protective of her that he didnt allow his best buddies to badmouth her.

When Zhou Weiqi revealed the truth to her today, her heart ached a little for Lu Xingzhi.

“Jiang Yao, I hope that you can treat Xingzhi better from now on,” Zhou Weiqi said timidly and sighed in relief when there was no displeasure shown on Jiang Yaos face.

It looked like the girl adored Lu Xingzhi anyway.

His Brother Lu was such a fine gentleman and only dim-witted girls would not fall for him.

For a woman as intelligent as Jiang Yao, she should love Lu Xingzhi to the moon and back.

When they were about to leave the restaurant, Zhou Weiqi, a rich person, had initially wanted to leave the wine at the restaurant and pay the bill to show their largesse, but after listening to Jiang Yaos analysis, he decided to do as the manager ordered, taking the wine with them and the lunch as their treat.

When Jiang Yao said that she didnt want the wine as she didnt drink, Zhou Weiqi grinned slyly and kept the wine for himself.

“Im going to bring it back, give it to Brother Lu, and tell him that it is from his dear wife!” He laughed.

“He will keep it as a precious treasure when he receives it, Im positively sure!”

Jiang Yao managed a surrendering smile at Zhou Weiqi teasing her and Lu Xingzhi and remained quiet.

Because of the incident at the restaurant, Zhou Weiqi hummed and sang joyfully on their way back to the university.

He didnt even get upset when the guard blocked him from entering the campus, but instead, he simply asked Jiang Yao if she needed him to walk her back to her dorm.

Jiang Yao knew that he was here for business, so she politely refused his offer, grabbed the phone, and said her thanks and goodbye before walking back to the dorm.

There was no one in the dorm currently and she was clueless as to where all of them had gone.

As soon as she entered her dorm, she quickly took out the phone and had a good look at it.

She smiled delightedly as the phone was the same model as Lu Xingzhis, but in a different color.

Lu Xingzhis phone was black, while hers was white.

The tiny phone bore some weight as she held it in her palm.

Despite being the latest mobile phone in the current market, it was rather outdated and vintage for Jiang Yao, who had been using a more advanced mobile phone in her previous life, but it didnt extinguish the delight and warmth in her heart.

When she switched on the phone and clicked on the contact list, the first number that appeared on it was Lu Xingzhis number with the nicknameHubby.

It was clearly Zhou Weiqis mischievous doing, no questions asked, but she didnt intend to change it.

Feeling antsy and nervous, Jiang Yao hurriedly dialed the number and put the phone on her ear while murmuring, “Pick up~ Hurry, pick up

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