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Chapter 1226: Lady Lu

Since no one was talking to her, Chen Feitang thought that they had not heard her, so she said, “I wonder thats her background—”

“No matter what her background is, its still not as powerful as you.” Zhou Junmin interrupted Chen Feitangs words with a face full of sarcasm.

After insulting Chen Feitang, Zhou Junmin turned to Lu Xingzhi and said, “Perhaps that person also happens to have the surname Lu, so she was too lazy to find a code name, and she directly called herself Lady Lu Just like you, Sergeant, who was too lazy to think of code names, so you called yourself Lao Liu.”

Those code names were set for the mission.

Before the end of the mission, no one would call them by their real names.

Even if they were to communicate with their superiors, they would only use a code name.

After the mission was over, the code name would automatically disappear.

It was as if that person would disappear from that world, and no one would be able to find them.

Lu Xingzhi looked at the clock on the wall, and his expression darkened.

It was already 6.40 am.

Their train ticket was for 7.00 am, and the scheduled time for them to be there was 6:40 am.

She was late.

Just as Lu Xingzhi was about to fly into a rage, the service room door opened, and a figure walked in hurriedly.

She said, “Are you all here Im sorry, Im sorry.

Ive never been to the train station before, so I looked for the service room for quite a while.

Just now, an auntie even pointed me in the wrong direction.”

The petite figure suddenly barged into the eyes of everyone in the room without any warning.

Other than Colonel Lin, everyone else looked at the familiar person who entered in astonishment.

“Jiang Yao! Why are you here Lu Xingzhi said that you had returned to Nanjiang City yesterday afternoon” Zhou Junmin grinned; he was excited to see Jiang Yao.

He did not even have the time to feel angry about the late arrival of Lu Xingzhis new partner.

When he saw Jiang Yao, he did not even associate Jiang Yao with the person they were waiting for.

Jiang Yao looked at the silly Zhou Junmin and smiled at him.

Then, she walked toward Lu Xingzhi.

Her gaze met his deep eyes as she extended her right hand toward Lu Xingzhi.

Her voice was resonant and powerful.

“Hello, I am Lady Lu.

I will be your partner in this mission.

I will assist you and complete this mission with you!”

“What!” The teapot in Zhou Junmins hand fell onto the table with a bang.

Fortunately, the lid on the teapot was so tight that the boiling water in it did not leak out.

“Sister-in-law, you want to go to the mission with us You are Sergeants partner, Lady Lu” Zhou Junmin stared at Jiang Yao in shock.

Then, he looked at Lu Xingzhis expression.

Only then did Zhou Junmin realize that even the sergeant was unaware of the situation.

“Jiang Yao!” Even though she was wearing rustic clothes, they could not hide the nimbleness of Jiang Yaos body.

Chen Feitang looked at the smile on Jiang Yaos face and gritted her teeth.

It turned out that Lu Xingzhis new partner was Jiang Yao.

No wonder the old man was unwilling to tell her.

It turned out that even if Chen Feitang was the daughter of the Chen family, Jiang Yao could easily replace her if she wanted to do that.

Chen Feitangs fists in her pocket tightened.

She was not convinced.

Even though Jiang Yaos medical skills were good, even if she had the Divine Doctor for a teacher, that was not a reason for Jiang Yao to act recklessly.

That was the armys secret mission, not a game.

How could Jiang Yao replace her as Lu Xingzhis partner so easily

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