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Chapter 1216: Where Did She Go

Lu Xingzhi lifted the pillow.

As expected, there was still something under the pillow…

It was a pot of cactus.

It looked like she had just bought it that day.

When he took a closer look, Lu Xingzhi was not surprised.

The pillow on the cactus was his, not Jiang Yaos.

She most likely released her anger on his pillow and then placed his pillow on top of the cactus.

Perhaps she needed to vent her anger, and she decided to throw him on the cactus.

However, why did Jiang Yao buy a cactus for no reason at all

She knew that he would move to Province A after his mission, so she would not have bought something on a whim to decorate that place that would become someone elses home soon.

Did she buy a durian and get a cactus for free Which shop owner would give such a strange gift

So, why did Jiang Yao buy a cactus Well, he was not worried about that at that time.

He was concerned about his wifes whereabouts.

She was not home, so where was she

Lu Xingzhi took his phone and called Jiang Yao.

When he dialed her number and heard her ringtone in the living room, he realized that Jiang Yao did not even take her phone with her.

He had started to get anxious.

He turned around and opened the closet.

He counted the items and rummaged through them.

He sighed in relief when he was sure that her clothes were in the closet.

He was scared to death.

Her backpack was still at home; everything was at home.

It seemed like she did not take anything with her.

Oh, no, she took Moe!

The car keys were still on the table, so she probably did not leave the barracks.

Perhaps she did not go far; maybe she was still around there somewhere.

Lu Xingzhi put on his coat and opened the door hurriedly.

Then, he went downstairs.

Nothing was more important than coaxing Jiang Yao home.

If she liked to eat durian, then he would let her eat that.

At most, he would take a few deep breaths or hide on the balcony.

Lu Xingzhi felt a little regretful.

He should not have carried Jiang Yao to the door.

The winter wind in Jin City was rustling.

Without an umbrella, the snow would soon dye ones hair into a frosty white color.

Lu Xingzhi left the house in a hurry.

He did not even wear a hat or take an umbrella.

He walked around the courtyard but could not find Jiang Yao.

Since she was in the courtyard, she would have gone to someone elses house.

Lu Xingzhi knew that Jiang Yao was close to Mrs.

Lin, so he headed toward Colonel Lins house.

When he arrived there, he could hear his wifes laughter even before he knocked on the door.

He sighed in relief.

Fortunately, his wife was not stupid.

Even though she was angry, she would not remain aggrieved.

She knew to visit Mrs.

Lin at her house.

Jiang Yao and the Lins were sitting at the dining table for their meal.

Since they had just eaten durian, they were not very keen on eating.

They were chatting with each other.

When Colonel Lin heard the door open, he said, “That must be your husband, looking for you.”

“Xiao Wei, go open the door for Uncle Lu,” Mrs.

Lin ordered Xiao Wei.

Lin Wei went to open the door.

When he saw that it was Lu Xingzhi, he said, “Youre finally here, Uncle Lu.

Auntie Lu is also here.

Have you eaten”

“No.” Lu Xingzhi shook his head and changed into the guest slippers at the door before he walked into the house.

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