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Chapter 1189: The First Test

Reality proved that one should not dream of escaping from the hands of a man who was determined to torture oneself, especially since that man was the best soldier in all aspects, such as physical fitness.

Jiang Yao was not faster than Lu Xingzhi, and she could not beat him in a fight.

Unless she used the drugs in her system, she would have no choice but to surrender if she met Lu Xingzhi.

However, Lu Xingzhi was her man.

Even though some medications in the system had no adverse effects, she was still hesitant to attack him.

The final result was that Lu Xingzhi got everything he wanted.

He saw everything he wanted to see and did everything he wanted to do.

In the end, Jiang Yao could only let him do whatever he wanted, like a salted fish.

Lu Xingzhi was in a good mood the next morning as he went out for morning exercises.

Jiang Yao remained on the bed alone like a dead fish when he left; she did not even bother to move.

She stayed in bed until she was forced to get out.

The chief told Jiang Yao that they would arrive at Jin Citys Police Crime Squad at 8:30 am.

Someone would be there to greet her.

After Jiang Yao washed up, she rubbed her waist, took the car keys, and left in Lu Xingzhis car.

After arriving at Big Ke and Ah Lus hotel, Jiang Yao drove all the way to the Police Crime Squad.

“Ill be a few minutes.

Wait for me here.” Jiang Yao handed the car keys to Big Ke, gathered her coat, and said, “Do not tell Lu Xingzhi about my visit.

If he wonders what I am doing here, just tell him I have to buy something from the medical equipment company.

Say nothing else to him!”

Big Ke and Ah Lu looked at each other for a few seconds before they nodded.

Their mission was to protect Jiang Yao.

It was not like she would be in any danger in the Police Crime Squad, right Furthermore, that was Lu Xingzhis territory.

Moe hid in Jiang Yaos pocket.

After they entered the Police Crime Squad, he poked his head out; he was half-dead curious.

In the end, Jiang Yao forced him back into the pocket before he finally calmed down.

“Jiang Yao, youre here” Colonel Lin was speaking with someone in the Police Crime Squads hallway.

When he saw Jiang Yao, he smiled and checked his watch.

“You arrived 15 minutes early.

You must be used to it.”

Jiang Yao looked at Colonel Lin in surprise.

Colonel Lin was not surprised at all that she was there.

That meant that Colonel Lin knew why she was there.

“Are you surprised Ive been here since 6 am.” Colonel Lin was amused.

“I am in charge of meeting with you.

I am also in charge of the instruction and several assessments for your exam today.”

Then, Colonel Lin brought a chair over to Jiang Yao and said, “Todays assessment has a lot of material and is quite strict.

If you cant pass any of the tests, you wont be able to replace Lu Xingzhis partner.”

“The first test is marksmanship.” Colonel Lin handed the form to Jiang Yao.

“Three rounds of different assessment methods record your results.

As a spy, the main task is to convey information to the higher-ups, so marksmanship and close-combat skills are very important.

Close-combat skills will be in the last test.

After marksmanship, it is observation, judgment, and adaptability.

If your skills are outstanding, the requirements for the last test will be lowered appropriately.”

Then, Colonel Lin clapped his hands.

“I heard that Lu Xingzhi had trained you in marksmanship and close-combat skills.

I look forward to it.”

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