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Chapter 1188: Wear This Tonight

“Yes, he knows,” Lu Xingzhi explained.

“He doesnt want to see her off.”

It was a farewell.

What was there to see

Lu Xingzhi could understand Liang Yuezes feelings, so he knew that his so-called business trip was just an excuse.

“Why wouldnt he want to see her off” Jiang Yao sighed.

“Sister Ruoran might not come back for a few years after this.”

“He doesnt want to see her off because hes afraid of seeing her leave.” Lu Xingzhi laughed.

“But Im not sure if Big Brother will be unable to resist chasing after her soon.”

Jiang Yao suspected that Liang Yueze would not pursue Luo Ruoran after she left the country.

Luo Ruoran was pregnant.

It might not be long until news of Luo Ruorans new marriage abroad spread throughout the Luo family, followed by news that she was pregnant and had a kid.

Jiang Yao assumed that Luo Ruoran would probably fake a marriage to keep the Liang family from discovering her baby.

She would tamper with the babys birth certificate after the baby was born, delaying the babys birth date by half a year.

When the child reached the age of three or four, the difference of merely half a year was no longer discernible.

The baby would be Luo Ruoran and her new husbands child.

As long as the child did not resemble Liang Yueze, Luo Ruoran could get a divorce and return to the country with her child.

No one would suspect that the child was Liang Yuezes.

No one would care about the childs father.

Liang Yueze did not want to see Luo Ruoran off, so he would not notice the changes in her body.

When the Luo family finally heard that Luo Ruoran had remarried, a proud person like Liang Yueze would probably not pursue her again.

Jiang Yao sighed silently.

She did not know the final outcome for Luo Ruoran and Liang Yueze in their previous lives.

It would not matter if they were separated just like that.

“I still have to go to the city tomorrow.” Jiang Yao did not ask about Liang Yuezes business trip.

Instead, she mentioned that she would leave for a day the next day.

“I need to buy some things.

Its not easy to find them, so Im not sure if Ill be back by noon tomorrow.”

“If you need to buy anything, just tell Big Ke and Ah Lu to get them.” Lu Xingzhi frowned.

“Medical supplies.

Its better if I go personally.

Da Ke and Ah Lu are amateurs, after all.

If youre worried, Ill let them follow me.

Ill come back as soon as possible.” Jiang Yao knew that Lu Xingzhi was unhappy.

She had spent so much time outside those few days, and she still wanted to go out.

She would go back to school soon, so he wished that he could spend 24 hours a day with her.

“Okay.” Lu Xingzhi nodded.

“Take Moe with you.”

Moe, who was resting in the corner, stretched luxuriously and meowed in answer when he heard his name.

Then, he turned and went back to sleep.

Jiang Yao thought that she had hidden the items given by Luo Ruoran.

She had not expected to see one of the black ones in Lu Xingzhis hands when she emerged from the shower!

“Wear this tonight.” Lu Xingzhi waved at Jiang Yao with a smile.

She was speechless.

Jiang Yao took a step backward and prepared to run out of the bedroom to hide in the study for the whole night.

What a joke! She still had to take the test tomorrow.

Would she still be able to take the test if that person tortured her for half the night

Jiang Yao ran quickly, but Lu Xingzhis reaction was even faster.

He moved like a wild leopard.

He rushed forward and took her by the waist as she raced out of the bedroom.

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